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Published 7 months ago
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Me for the final earth
Name: David Nathan Forest (born in Germany to American parents)
Age: ???
Bio: was born into a poor family and put into the foster system when he was only one and a half months old he tried to find his family when he was 10 but found out they died in a plane crash. In finding out that he fled Germany he ran away from everything that could remind him of his past. He found his way to Amsterdam when he was kidnapped and used as child labor on a farm in Hungary. When he was 14 he started a strike on the farm he worked at which turned into a riot and led to the freedom of 103 kids. They walked all the way to the Czech Republic where he was put again into the foster system. He found a good home in Hradec králové and grew up peacefully until the apocalypse began. His family left him abandoned out in the streets and it all went downhill from there.
Weapons: a sword he bought off a blacksmith in Czech and a custom made sniper rifle (it’s got a knife on the tip) (one of his favorite pass times is modifying his gun, bike and helmets)
Affiliation: Adventurers
His helmet has an air filter, heat sensor, lots of music and it is made of a really hard metal so he could have a decent sized RV drive over his head and be ok. His bike cannot run well in dust storms or very cold weather
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64 pieces
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7 months ago
Aight, looks good! Welcome to the Adventurers!
7 months ago
Thanks! Glad you like it
7 months ago
That's really cool! That's honestly the coolest helmet I've ever seen.
5 months ago
5 months ago
now i'm tempted to make one like it but then that would be copying!
5 months ago
You can’t use the helmet the gun or the head. And not the motorcycle either but you can make something similar.
5 months ago
If you want to use the helmet than credit me.
5 months ago
If you want to use the helmet than credit me.
3 months ago
@kbt.productions welcome to Mecabricks!
3 months ago
And thanks for liking my model!
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