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Living Destiny Ch4
Published 2 months ago
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—Chapter 4—
“Uhh....Hello?” I called “Why, hello August. It seems you’ve decided to wake up,” said a figure in the shadows. “Where am I?” I weakly asked. The figure stood up from their hiding spot. Revealing a woman with orange hair and a dark suit “You’re in my fortress,” The figure replied. I looked around. Blue-like glowing chains from the sealing and from the ground, held me in place and prevented me from escaping. “Why am I here?” I asked “Enough chitchat. I would like to know, where is the staff your agency took?” she asked. “Lady, I don’t have any idea on what you’re talking about. I was just walking when your goon attacked me. And even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you.” I lied. The woman sighed “I don’t want to forcefully make you to tell me…but I will if you don’t corporate.” I stared at her will no reaction. Her voice sounds familiar. “Listen, I’m not going to let a child stop me! It’s pointless to resist. So tell me. Now.” she growled “You’re smart. Figure it out.” I replied. “Fine. I’ll have to get it out of your other friends. Myself.” I looked behind the lady and saw a person that looked like the one who knocked me out. They walked over to a control panel a turned dial. Electric went from the chains to my body. I couldn’t help but scream in pain.

(Part 2)
I walked out of the girls room. Trying to make sure I didn’t wake anyone up. The lights were on and some agents were on their nightshifts. As I walked, I could hear someone behind me and I saw a shadow from them. I turned left and they were still there. Fallowing me. Ugh. I turned around and no one was there. “Hmm...” I heard my phone buzz. I looked and saw that August texted me. The only reason I have his number is because we’re considered a ‘team’ now and Incase of an emergency. I opened it up and read the message
August- Hey, Lisa. I think there’s something weird going on at S.H.I.E.L.D. Could you meet me on the rooftop in 15 minutes?
Lisa- I guess. This better not be a trick!
August- Great! It’s not, by the way.
I walked to a elevator a pressed the arrow that’s pointing up. In a few seconds it opened and I stepped in. “Which floor would you like to go to?” A robotic female voice asked “Rooftop” I said. It better not be a trick. Minutes passed and the door opened. I was on the roof and August was standing there, waiting for me “What is it?” I asked annoyed “I think there might be a spy in S.H.I.E.L.D.” August replied “Dude, S.H.I.E.L.D. has lots of agents that are spies here. You know that.” I said even more annoyed “No. I think there’s an enemy spy...in this building.” August said “Do you have any proof? That’s real?” I questioned “Oh yeah...proof.” I looked at August’s hand. Forming into a fist. And then gets ready to punch me. I grab his hand as it gets closer to my face “What is wrong with you?!” I yelled. As soon as I said that, he turned all black. “So apparently you’re NOT August. Who are you?” I asked “I am a Shadow Warrior. You can’t defeat me.” he replied and tried to knock me off my feet. I jumped behind the ‘Shadow Warrior’ and tripped him. “Agh! You can’t stop me!! No one can.” The Shadow Warrior yelled. He quickly got back up and a sword formed in his hand. Great. I don’t have my weapons. The Shadow Warrior charged at me with the sword in his hand. I threw a fire ball straight toward him as he barely cut me. “Still can’t be defeated?” I asked. He laughed evilly and grabbed a metal-looking ball from a pocket in his clothes. He rolled it in my direction. “Good night.” The Shadow Warrior sarcastically said. Green smoke started to come out of the metal ball? I kind of feel lightheaded. “Wh...what is th—“ I start to say before I fell unconscious.
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