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10266-1: NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander
Published 10 months ago
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Celebrate man’s first moon landing with this LEGO® Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander building set—developed in cooperation with NASA to mark the 50th anniversary of a historical event that captivated the world. This collectible model features a highly detailed replica of Apollo 11's Eagle lunar module, plus a depiction of the lunar surface, complete with crater, footprints and a U.S. flag. The descent stage comes with gold-colored landing pads and panels, opening camera and laser hatches, and a ladder, while the ascent stage has a detailed interior with room for 2 astronauts. Finished with an Apollo 11 Lunar Lander nameplate, this display model makes a great centerpiece for the home or office and provides a challenging and rewarding building experience full of nostalgia. Includes 2 astronaut minifigures with NASA decoration and golden helmets.

• Includes 2 astronaut minifigures with NASA decoration and golden helmets.
• This advanced LEGO® set features a detailed replica of the Eagle lunar lander with separate ascent and descent stages, plus a depiction of the lunar surface with crater, footprints and a U.S. flag.
• Descent stage features new-for-June-2019 gold-colored landing pads and panels, opening camera and laser hatches and a ladder.
• Ascent stage features a detailed interior with room for 2 astronaut minifigures.
• Celebrate space exploration with this highly detailed display model.
• Accessory elements include a brick-built video camera and laser reflector.
• New-for-June-2019 decorated elements include an Apollo 11 Lunar lander nameplate and golden elements.
• Measures over 7” (20 cm) high, 8” (22cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.


Missing prints:
• 973pb3631c01 - Torso Spacesuit with NASA Logo Pattern / White Arms / White Hands [6267589]
• 4162pb205 - Tile 1 x 8 with 'Apollo 11 Lunar Lander' Pattern [6267596]

Other errors:
• Missing stickers: Sticker for Set 10266 - Mirrored - (65305/6279911)
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10 months ago
Idk if im allowed putting screenshots, but the image I put is made with the new viewport lighting!
10 months ago
A sun lamp and a floor work pretty well with this model. I shall add a button to remove overlays. It would be nice for screenshots.
10 months ago
Certainly viewport rendering have achieved a new level of beauty wich Is difficult to see on a Cad program, especially online and lego-based
10 months ago
I added a render to get familar with Redshift and Autodesk Maya for teaching my students the basis of this amazing and superfast GPU renderer what will come to Blender in the future. I will update this with textures when they are available.
10 months ago
In the mean time, I will try to solve the angle problem of the legs. I can't seem to find and angle that connects all rods...
10 months ago
@Stephan You need to rotate the black technic parts connected at the main body slighty down and adjust the pedestal towards this.
10 months ago
@Renderbricks, yes, I know, but the upper-most hinge is already hinged as far as legally possible, I think. I have to look at it after my next project.
10 months ago
I just noticed the side parts of the ascent stage are the wrong way around. The bigger side with the cross-shaped antenna should be on the right. (looking at it from the front)
10 months ago
Updated. Rendering in pogress ...
8 months ago
I noticed the transparent brown windscreen is upside down.
8 months ago
@saabfan, I think you saw that wrong
No, just joking, it's fixed now, thanks!
8 months ago
Everything should be correct now.
8 months ago
Yes! Only missing stickers and prints!
8 months ago
I've just uploaded decorations for the Flag and one other part. I'll add the external metallics once I figure the rules for them. Do you think it's worth doing the interior?
8 months ago
@DeltaVee, awesome! Yes, I think it's worth to include all stickers to make the model complete!
8 months ago
Ok, I'll carry on with the stickers and the prints.
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