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Spells cast
Published 6 months ago
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Ah, wizarding and spell-casting. Fun to imagine, is it not?

Anyways, this is wizard me! The first version of myself with my updated sig (the visor is staying, but I'll remove it at times).

I made this little Diorama for him as well, and I'm really proud of it.

There's a post on Flickr here, so please check it and my other posts on Flickr out if you have the time to spare.

Here's mini-story I wrote for this: As Opallion prepared to cast the spell, he took a deep breath, and let his mind focus. He felt calm seep through his body.

He concentrated with all his might on his happiest memory, and whispered the incantation, "Expecto Patronum."

His Patronus burst forth from his wand, dancing around the room, but he strangely couldn't identify what creature it was.

Then it hit him; he had read about it somewhere: This was a formless Patronus. A Patronus that still took on the thing you identified with, but it wasn't an animal, it wasn't a person, or thing, it was a concept, for Opallion - Flight. He grinned as he recognized his Patronus, a wing.


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6 months ago
Thanks! I wanted to make it look weathered, but not too beat-up.
6 months ago
nice touch using the wing piece as a spell and ur backdrop looks great! I love all the little details you put into the walls and floor.
6 months ago
JKShadowBlade: Thank you! I really wanted to use that part as the spell, and I like how it turned out. Thank you, I had a lot of fun designing it! Thanks, those were fun to do.
6 months ago
The entire design looks amazing, I especially admire the walls and columns!
And of course, THE RENDER! Looks epic! Great work as always!
6 months ago
(oop, I accidentally said columns instead of arches
6 months ago
L_L: Thank you! They were a lot of fun to make.

Thanks, that was a ton of fun to composite and edit. Oh, no worries.
6 months ago
That’s a great build for the castle!
6 months ago
BrickAssassin7: Thank you very much!

Thanks. I actually just had the idea for how the finished product, and did my best to execute it. It turned out much better than I hoped for. I edited it a lot (upping contrast, lowering brightness, adding vignette, adding the sparkle and halo effects, etc), and I think that greatly helped it.

MB: Thank you! That was definitely the most fun part for me.

Outlaw: Thanks!
6 months ago
Really cool, But I'm not into the magic and hairy potter stuff.
6 months ago
Awesome! I love the detail on the floor and the render!
6 months ago
Amazing model!!! Also,

6 months ago
This model got featured! Thanks for your support, guys! This is the second model of mine to ever be featured, I really appreciate it. Especially whoever featured this model.
6 months ago
Great floor! Also, I love the glow with the render, it really adds a great effect!
5 months ago
I made a render. Hope you like it!

I meant to make the torches glow, but oh well.
5 months ago
G_V: Thank you!

Cold_fire: Thanks! Not quite sure how your username would work, though.

Jeritza: Thanks! It was one of the most fun things to design.
Yeah, I edited the render a bit. I really like how it came out.

Blue_05: Thank you!

Person_man089: I love it, thank you so much! Yeah, oh well. Playing around with emission is a ton of fun.
5 months ago
Operator11: Thanks! Yeah, emission is fun.
You are lucky your renders aren't taken down. mine always do! They have tot do with the model and aren't blurry!
5 months ago
ERP: Well, the admins still choose which renders to keep up.
If they don't like the ones you post, they'll be taken down. Every render takes up space in the servers, so unless they're really good ones that deserve to stay up, they'll probably get taken down.
5 months ago
Is the text that says “BY OPERATOR11”a feature in the rendering system, or did you edit it in?
5 months ago
Person_man089: I edited the photo a bit, and I added that.
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