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“The Yolker” XD
Published 9 months ago
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Note: I haven’t seen the Dark Knight, but I still wanted to make this.
(Also, I mean no disrespect to Heath Ledger’s memory by joking about his character.

The Yolker is the main antagonist of the superhero/breakfast film The Pork Knight. He was portrayed by the late New Zealand actor, Shrub Wedger. The Yolker is a criminal psychopath with a twisted sense of humor. He carries a frying pan as a weapon, and leaves behind a paper napkin at the scene of the crime. The origin of his breakfast-related persona is best described by The Yolker himself:

“Do you want to know how my shell got its cracks? My father loved his scrambled eggs in the morning, and he was a fiend. One morning, I try to make breakfast. But I accidentally cook the eggs sunny-side-up. He doesn't like that. Not. One. Bit. So, me standing there, he picks up the frying pan. He holds it over my head. ‘Why sunny-side-up?’ He pours the hot yolk on my face. ‘WHY SUNNY SIDE UP?’”


Anyway, The events of The Pork Knight take place in Goth-Ham city, (a city populated by goths, who eat a strict diet of ham) where the Yolker battles against the film’s protagonist, Ham-Man.* (A crime-fighting vigilante clad in bacon armor.)

And… That’s pretty much all you need to know.

*Credit to Mr_Worriz for Ham-Man’s chest plate.
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9 months ago
You are aware that Martin The Meat Man NEEDS to be The Pork Knight's sidekick!!

Also thanks for the credit
9 months ago
Oh, undoubtedly!
(And you’re welcome.
9 months ago
With the introduction to the multiverse, this can most likely be a real thing somewhere..XD
8 months ago
@Mr_Worriz No❗His sidekick is The Boy Wiener❗
8 months ago
I haven’t thought of a parody name for Ham-Man’s actor, Christian Bale.
(How about… “Mormon Kale”?
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