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Robert Cinder (Jedi for SuperPup)
Published 5 months ago
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Here you go!

Name: Robert Cinder

Bio: Early in his training Order 66 was executed. Thankfully they had no Clones with them on their peace treaty mission. After earing/feeling what happened Robert and his master fled to the Outer Ring to finish his training, Unfortunately their absence hadn't gone unnoticed. The new Inquisitors soon found out from their sources that there were strangers hiding in the mountains. The fight was long, and rather exaggerated by the village folk. it was concluded with Robert's master killing both Inquisitors but was hit with a stray laser beam from a Storm trooper. Robert vowed to avenge his fallen master and thus ever since has been doing all in his power to bring about the fall of the Empire. (there you go LM)

Era: Approximately around the same time of Mando

Weapons: duo lightsabers

Skills: Jedi abilities. . .


(this is now the 5th time I've edited this thing, @LM, if you have any more stuff to know I'll tell you in the comments.)
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5 months ago
@LM, I'll get to work on that

@D_R, Thanks! I wasn't expecting you to notice this build
5 months ago
@Fireblade, I have eyes everywhere . . .
5 months ago
Cool! But it takes place a year after order 66
5 months ago
Thanks, perfect, so has he gone dark side or..? Also, sorry for bugging you about the bio
5 months ago
nah, he's more of a gray Jedi now, earlier he was on the light side
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