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I need your help
Published 2 months ago
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Alright so I need your help. Yes with models. I want to make something, something nice but my mind is as blank as a sheet of paper and I need a pass time that isn't get booged down over the death of my favorite actor. Plus I may die of boredom (I am not joking). So please (If your seeing this) comment something you want me to make. And I will pick one (assuming I have you have enough the smallest interests and think this is a good use of your time) of yours to work on develop and ship out is in preferably 1-2 weeks. Yes I am working on that project except to see a sneak peak somewhere on discord soon.
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2 months ago
Hello Cole !
What's your favorite theme ? Ninjago ? Do you want to find something to build in this theme, or do you prefer to turn to another one ?
2 months ago
doesn't have to be a theme necessarily I just need something to build and release to you guys
2 months ago
Try mixing different themes like medieval and sci-fi.
2 months ago
Hah, what do reckon gonna come from me?! CARS!!!! Do a massive car race themed story! Like get a few siggie's and their cars from peeps and make a story!

P.S. I bags a spot if you do this!
2 months ago
My proposal would be either a sunken city or a sunken boat...
2 months ago
A spaceship inspired by the classic space theme.
2 months ago
I had an idea for a story where this guy's house has a bunch of portals to a fantasy world. Like dwarves in the dresser, and other stuff. That would be kinda cool with Lego.
2 months ago
I will create a model regarding this which I will link here
2 months ago
I’d say make a mech or an exo suit
2 months ago
Seamoth that can dock in a moonpool (subnautica)
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