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The Edge of City
Published 6 days ago
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So i wrote this short story for a school assignment and i thought it turned out pretty good. It's in a more poetic/allegorical style than what i usually write in and there are some ruff spots, but overall it's not so bad. (i mean, i did get an A+ with it
Anyway, enjoy!
Henry T. Lewis slowly walked down the sidewalk. The City was glowing bright colors but it felt dark. Everyone was moving but nobody was going anywhere. The noise was so loud you couldn’t hear your own thoughts, but Henry wore a pair of dead earbuds under his hoodie to block out the sound. He liked to think.
He turned down into an alleyway and opened a heavy, blood-red door. Everything was brighter, faster, and louder inside the café. A pretty girl with chestnut hair and brown eyes greeted him. He forced a smile. She grabbed his hand and led him over to a group of other people their age. Henry had been friends with many of them since they were kids. He kept forcing his smile as they talked.
His friends were the polar opposite of him. They wore bright clothes and makeup. They constantly moved and danced. They talked and sang loudly, but his soundless earbuds blurred it out a bit.
All of the sudden he felt sick. Claustrophobic. Without a word he walked out of the café and turned onto the sidewalk. He didn’t notice the lights, or the people, or even the sound. He just kept walking and walking.
Until he stopped.
He was at the edge of The City. A massive pine forest stood at the end of the hill.
One time, when he was much younger, he caught a glimpse of the forest while in one of the red taxis. It fascinated him. He started drawing pictures of trees and leaves and putting them up on his wall. Several years later, every wall in his apartment was covered with these pictures. In his mind he would fantasize running away to the forest and never looking back. One time he almost did. He planned for months. But then his friendship with a girl with chestnut hair started to grow into something more than just friendship. For the first time, he thought he had a reason to stay.
But that was a year ago now. Things had changed.
Suddenly, he started walking down the hill. Then he started running. Then he ran through the wall of towering trees. He kept running deeper into the forest. Then he stood still.
It was dark, but it was a natural dark. The birds moved swiftly through the air, but they were going somewhere. There was noise, but it was peaceful. Henry abandoned his dead earbuds. He didn’t need them anymore.
As soon as he did, he noticed the sound of leaves crunching behind him. He spun around. The girl with chestnut hair had followed him. Her knee-length, red dress looked out of place among the greens and grays of the forest.
She asked him what he was doing. He told her the truth, he was running away. She asked why. He tried to explain. She disagreed. He tried to get her to see his side. She was defensive. You have friends there, she said. But are they really my friends, he responded.
You at least have me.
If that’s true, then come with me.
The forest was once again silent. Henry stared into her tear-filled, brown eyes. Without a word, she turned her back on him and started walking back. He wanted to run after her. Hug her, say he was sorry. Then walk back to The City holding her hand. But he knew things would just go back to the way they were. He saw things differently. She, like the rest of his friends, went along with the flow without thinking about it. They did what they were told to do, said what they were told to say, thought what they were told to think. Henry couldn’t live like that. He wanted to think for himself.
He took a deep breath and plunged deeper into the forest. It suddenly occurred to him that he had no idea where he was going. Upon second thought, he actually did. He was going as far as he could from The City.

So what did y'all think?

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6 days ago
Ooh, this is awesome!!! Do you mind if I share it with my sister? She writes a lot, so she'd love to read it.

P.S. I love school assignment that tell you to write stories.
6 days ago
Nice! I'm not surprised you got an A+ for this! Those trees are well done. Mate I wish I wrote stuff like this for school.
6 days ago

(actually those trees were made by someone else, like, 5 years ago. he said anyone could use them)
6 days ago
THAT WAS LIKE FREAKIN AWESOME! Love the hidden message, and everything... it is like incredible. Also, it reminded me of one of my favorite books. Have you ever read, "When the Stars Go Out"?
6 days ago
Thanks my dude!

No, i don't think i have. I'll look it up
6 days ago
Wow, that's great! One of the best stories I've read on here. Using quotation marks would be an improvement though.

Great job!
6 days ago
@GFlame ok i just looked it up, and it looks really good. i'll try to get my hands on it sometime.
6 days ago
@Operator, Thanks man! Wait, what are quotation marks?

i purposely didn't use them for this story)
6 days ago
Kayoee: You're welcome!

("What are quotation marks?"
5 days ago
Wow, that’s some good writing! I love how you didn’t use quotations, it’s an interesting writing style!
5 days ago
@KoE I have a feel you will like it, written by a fellow Texan... and its just all around great.
5 days ago
@MrB, Thanks bro! yeah i wanted to try something a little different for this one

@LW, Thx!

@GFlame, yea thanks for bringing it to my attention
4 days ago
You’re welcome!
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