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Ninjago legacy 2021 Golden Lloyd
Published 2 years ago
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Hey guys I tried to make my own 2021golden Lloyd, the printing is a bit off, but I think they turned out alright, what are your opinions, also feel free to use these, but please credit me, Thanks.
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Just as an fyi, if you render this you'll find that the little bits from the transparent background downloadable from Mecabricks show up as light gray. It's annoying, but you should probably put them on a different file without the template but still in the proper positions.

Other than that, it looks super cool!
2 years ago
Thanks for the fyi, I am new to making custom parts, so I am struggling a bit, but thanks for the help and render, it really shows me where I went wrong.
and btw I found some better quality images, so will probably be remaking the whole thing, thanks anyway pyro.
2 years ago
Hello PyrokineticNinjaMaster, I just created some new parts the way you told me to, so can u try rendering it again, if u don't mind, because I don't have access to a rendering software.
2 years ago
WOAHHH, that is AWESOME, That is so cool, thanks for rendering it, btw can you upload it into the renders section.
Also, I had to delete those parts because someone stole them without giving credit, and I saw your comment, but don't worry they will be back soon, but the parts wont be able to be opened in the workshop.
Thanks anyway it looks great.
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