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What would you do with 2x42084? $MEC$ version
Published 6 months ago
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$MEC$ = "most expensive color"

This is more an educational project than a MOC. It started just for fun, but after seeing some of these ridiculously absurd prices it´s no fun anymore.

So, I took my MOC and for every part used the most expensive color according to the average price shown in Rebrickable.
Just as a reminder, this MOC consists exclusively of two times the "42084 - Hook Loader" which had a price of 9,99 Euro (in Germany)... so, around 20 Euro for the MOC.
By now, Rebrickable already shows a combined average price of nearly 29 Euro for the standard colored parts.

I followed some rules:
1: Strictly use the same mold version
2: Keep color difference, this means:
If same parts in different colors, use $MEC$ on part with highest quantity, 2nd most exp. color on part with 2nd highest quantity and so on... If quantity is the same, it´s up to you. Main thing is maintaining color difference.
3: No printed or sticker parts
4: Keep transparency (use most exp. transparent color $MEtC$)
5: Colors without price tag are skipped


Things I´ve already learned:
1. It´s surprising, that there are a lot of parts where the $MEC$ is a "normal" color, like green, black and white
2. New sets can have a big effect, like the "42115- Lambo Sián" on lime colored parts
3. Some of these parts are equally or more expensive than their weight in gold.
e.g. "6141 - Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud" according to Bricklink it weighs 0.12 g
As of today 0.12 g gold costs around 5.50 to 6 Euro which is nearly the price of this part in trans-black.
But the $MEC$ of this part is chrome gold with around 20 Euro. So it actually would be cheaper to take this part in a cheap color and coat it with real gold.

Every now and then I will update it.
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336 pieces
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