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Northern Realm Chapter 1: Hunters
Published 10 months ago
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5 months after the Prologue

Jannah moved quietly through the bushes.
As a Commander in the Northern Research Corps, she and 2 others had a training mission every week. Their task? Simple. Hunt and knock out one man. The problem?
That one man was an insanely good assassin and did not want to be found.
“Psst, Jannah,” a voice called out from her left,” I’m gonna go tell Skyler to cover our left with his bow because I think I saw Zack over there.”
“Alright, Kade. I’ll stay here until you get back.”
“Okay. If you see him, fire a signal arrow into the air.
“Now to wait,” she thought.
About 3 minutes after Kade left, she heard a rustle to her right. She quickly ducked behind a tree and drew a signal arrow and a normal arrow.
“Jannah? Where’d you go?” Kade whispered.
Jannah sighed and put her arrows back in her quiver, “I’m here, Kade. Sorry, I thought you were Zack.”
“That’s fine. Normally we would’ve seen him by now. I wonder where he is.”
Just then, a signal arrow flew up from Skyler’s position.
“Aggh!” Kade said, “Should’ve known he would’ve found and gone for Skyler.”
Jannah fired an arrow in that general direction as she sprinted to where the arrow came from.
When they got there, Skyler and Zack were locked in a hand-to-hand fight, Skyler having had his bow knocked out of his hands and Zack not using a dagger.
Jannah drew her sword and stuck it in the ground for easy access.
Meanwhile, Kade jumped up to engage Zack.
Mid-jump, Kade threw his daggers and drew his sword.
Zack jumped away from Skyler to avoid Kade.
Skyler scrambled over and got his bow.
“Nice of you guys to show up,” Skyler said to Jannah
“Talk later. We might be able to win this one.”
“Right,” Skyler said. With that, he jumped back into the fight
She fired an arrow straight at Zack thinking that it would hit since he was busy fighting Kade.
Zack however, saw the arrow coming, jumped over it and deflected it with his dagger.
Zack then activated his stealth ability and Jannah knew that it was over.

Story by: Guitarman2
Character Posing by: HAMMERBORNE

Thanks everyone for reading my new story! New episodes will (hopefully) come out every Saturday! If we find that getting 3 episode sets made in a week is too stressful, we'll back it up some.
Anyways, thanks for reading! And huge thanks to HAMMERBORNE for helping me with this project. It would have taken much longer to do it without him.
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10 months ago
Skyler: Oh no. Alex!
10 months ago
Wow, this is awesome! Turned out a LOT better than I was, TBH, expecting. Great job!
10 months ago
@j2fam77: Well, Alex isn't in any danger for a while.
10 months ago
Great story!
10 months ago
You're welcome!
10 months ago
Thanks! HAMMERBORNE did the set for this one.
10 months ago
Great Job! And Awesome posing and set creation HAMMERBORNE!
10 months ago
I didn't know you would stick your sword in the ground for easy reach, but whatever floats your boat...

10 months ago
It puts your sword at a more accessible angle.
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