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The Corpus Iodine
Published 7 months ago
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Gyah, this took a while to make...

This is an airship built for a friend to fullfill a promise I made for him about 4 years ago (as of making this model). You see, back when I first discovered LDD, he and I made many models, although he focused more on millitary esc veichles. At one point he had made an airship, but later accidentally deleted it. With no backups, he asked me to rebuild it. However, I had only seen it once, had no idea how it was built, and really didn't want to build it at the time anyways. Fast forward to now, where I have gained many skills in lego with this site, and I decided that I was gonna follow through with my promise. But instead of trying to rebuild what little I remember, I decided to totally redesign it. I asked my friend for a name for the airship, as neither of us rembered the original name, and he came up with the Corpus Iodine. So, I made a fully fleshed out ship with a few things that my friend always liked to add, like a robot assistant (who's current design is a placeholder), some foldable speeder bikes, and a representation of my friend as the captain.

Honestly, I am really proud of how this turned out. And hey, I broke a record for pieces used in one of my models. Over 2000, with the previous record being 1100 something, from an old LDD model (at least I think that's right)! There are probably some things I could've done better, but since I've never built an airship before, and never was one for veichles, I think it turned out fine. Although I am never building an airship again... XD

Also, my friend was the first (besides me) to see the completed airship, and he likes it!
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6 months ago
This Air ship looks amazing!
38 models | 1.2k views
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