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THE MADNESS OF MY MIND! Part 1 (My 100th and 1 Year Model)
Published 5 months ago
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Also happy May the 4th or Revenge of the 5th or 6th or whatever day your seeing this.

This description will be broken up into 4 parts the 1st one talking about what has happened in the past year and how I have grown on Mecabricks (That might get cheesy) and what I plan on doing in the future. The 2nd section will be my thanks to my friends that I have made on mecabricks. The 3rd one talking about the build and me being a OP Nerd. The 4th build wil just be the end of the description and me just saying things.

Part 1: The Story of My Meca-Life (So Far)

Now I first learned about Mecabricks on December 15, 2020 (YES I KNOW I AM RUNNING LATE FOR A 1 YEAR MODEL!) and I was on my Lego robotics google meet when this amazing site was mentioned as a side-note for helping us with building the robot so I searched up Mecabricks and around the end of that meeting I posted this little thing https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/N02gmlkWvLD.

A. YES! I know the model sucked but it was my first model and I was still learning how to use Mecabricks.

B. I actually was think of remodeling the character and the other ones that I made with him to make some sort of story with him and the rest of them.

Anyways I started to use Mecabricks a little bit because I thought I grew up with Lego and know have access to a lot of possibles I never had with my own Lego so I kept using it and when I posted a some Custom Ninjago Outfits for the main ninja was when I got my first comment made by LaxSwag5! (More About Him Later) This might not seem like much but I had got noticed by one of the greatest members of Mecabricks I had known about in one of my first models. After a few weeks my models weren't getting any views but I didn't care it was my first few weeks on Mecabricks but then I found the New Avengers project and I made a Hulk's Son Minifigure for it and it got like 44 VIEWS IN UNDER 2 DAYS! I was blown away (I just want to note that this wasn't that great of a Minifigure because I was still learning) I don't know why but the figure never got shown in any of the models but I didn't care. Later this made me want to join more projects such as Join The Fire! This project wasn't much but it gave me my 2nd Sig-Fig. Now when I posted the second Sig-Fig model I bragged about how my Username at the time was Creatorofallthingscool and I hadn't realized it but Lax did and he told me about it and helped me find a new name. (Note I made myself a new name at one point but I didn't realize someone already had that name) Eventually we came up with the name FireyComix but the Username thing said due to spelling errors I wasn't allowed to use that name but then I came up Cold_Fire which was based off a username my Dad used in a Star Wars game. Nothing big happened for awhile I slowly got better at using Mecabricks. There was a time when I stopped posting for a few weeks but I realized that and started posting again. Then I announced that I would be creating a Book Series type thing known as Symbiote Soldiers and I also revealed my new Sig-Fig! Not much happened for awhile until April 2021 When I got whammed with notifications. I don't remember all of the Notifications but I do remember the most important one. KingofAce sent me a render of my Sig-Fig and allowed me to use it as my profile pic! Once again it might not seem like much but at the time I had been using a screenshot of my Sig-Fig as my PFP so this was a huge step up. Then summer rolled around, I got closer to this model and then when school started in September and I met the guy I would be on most speaking terms with here on Mecabricks and who is now one of my Mecabuddies, WizardBuilds1. This was also around the time that I learned how to do CUSTOM PRINTS! Which was also a huge milestone because I had been trying to do it for months! If you want to see the model where I released my first custom prints here's the link https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/Vyvn8Rzo2l3. Then I was approaching my 100th model and I started planning it out. Then not much happened at all for awhile posted models some got views and likes but many of those views and likes were given to me by DuckDuckGuz who I want to thank for supporting me in my past few models. Then the 99th model (It's not the 99th model anymore) came out and it was a Christmas entry for a model Mr_worriz and stopped posting. Then around last December I posted a update on how the model was doing and then a few weeks ago I posted a few models and I joined Superpup1's 100th model (And you are probably thinking
hey you should be working on yours but I like the idea of pirates knights and ninjas fighting so yeah I joined) and then in the most recent model I posted came with MY FIRST RENDER! Here's a link https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/LyjWgOK3jJr (If it's not there it is currently my PFP so you can find it there). That's about it for this section, but before I end this part I would just like to thank everybody for my 2000 views!

Part 2: My Thanks to my Friends

LaxSwag5: I would like to say thank you for showing me the ropes of Mecabricks and being my mentor, helping me find my name and just being a good friend here on Mecabricks. I would also like to say I am sorry for breaking the rules of your clone business by asking it when you were done and I would just like to apologize to you publicly. P.S. I made this part before he left but he was still so important that I couldn't remove it. You will be missed Lax.

WizardBuilds1: You have been an amazing friend to me on Mecabricks so I would like to thank you for that. When I first joined Mecabricks I was admired by your work because it is incredible and I hope that you continue to make and create amazing things.

DuckDuckGuz: I would like to say thank you for being one of my biggest supporters here on Mecabricks by liking my stuff and commenting. It's huge help and I would like to say thank you.

KingofAce: Thank you for always doing my sig-fig renders it has been a great help. I probably won't need your help with renders anymore but you were always really nice to me so I hope to keep our friendship.

Clif: I thank you for remaking my MCU Captain America Sam Wilson model and crediting me in it. It was a nice thing showing how you could upgrade my work.

Sebachie/GIF-Man: You are a relatively new friend of mine but you have been supporting my stuff and I thank you for using the costume I made for you.

EMINƎM: You are a relatively new user but your are also super nice and I hope the tips I gave you on making models help.

The Next people are more of people that I admire and follow:

CRM: Tus costumbres siempre me han asombrado y me han enseñado cosas de marvel que ni conocía (específicamente de Spider-Man). Eres un usuario increíble. No puedo esperar a ver qué haces a continuación. PD Estoy tomando español en la escuela como segundo idioma. Here is what I said translated: Your customs have always amazed me and taught me things about marvel I didn't even know (specifically Spider-Man). You are amazing user I can't wait to see what you do next. P.S. I'm taking Spanish in school as a second language.

BricksandBones: Thanks for using the render I made you as your profile pic for a while. I really like you're work. Your really funny and are nice to have on Mecabricks. Congrats on the 100th model and 3K Views!

Mr_worriz: The man that made the model you could join that made me make (what was) my 99th model! (What a weird sentence that was!
) You are really funny to have around and I would like to thank you for making that Christmas model. Without it I would have never started this one.

cj_builds_things: I think your customs are awesome you have always been really good at doing them and your work has always exceeded expectations. I have always loved your work and I can't wait to see more.

Person_Man089: I really like those brick built big figures you do and your MOCs all of it is really cool.

Azazel04: Your models are nerdy and really well done with all the detail and time you take to make them. It's all really cool.

Part 3: The Build

So this build is based off something that happened to me when I was a wee little lad. Basically when I was younger I had a dream around the beginning of a new year where basically all the bad characters that I knew from comics, books, movies & TV would fight all the good characters I know. Originally this build was going to be the battle but my computer was having trouble processing this build as it was so big so I just did the "Good Side" of the build and that is why the title says part one because in my 200th model I will do the bad side which will be part 2. Now let's talk about the build. I started off by doing the biggest piece of the build Leopardon A.K.A. Japanese Spider-Man's big robot. The 1st reason I decided to do this over Voltron (That was my second idea) was because there was already a really big Voltron build that Lego made that already crashes my computer as it is whenever I open that model so I decided to do this in a brick built way to save space. (however I did take inspiration from the Voltron build for the head) The 2nd reason I choose this was that when I made my Evolution of Spider-Man on Screen model (Here's the link https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1w2rq9Dqa8W) I said I might make a model with Leopardon and Supaidāman so I figured hey why not do it in here! After I finished that I started the rest of it which I will now tell you about in sections.

Spider-Verse Build: I built this because Spider-Man is my favorite superhero of all time so to show it I went overboard. I decided to make an entire build dedicated to him. The build has Leopardon and Supaidāman, Bully Maguire, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, Superior Spider-Man, 1st Appearance Spider-Man, Symbiote Spider-Man and my favorite Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man (The comic one that is. Not the show)

Good Cartoon Build: This is a build based off of some of my favorite cartoons. It has the Genie from Aladdin, Aang from Avatar using all the four elements on his glider and Meap from P&F in his "Ride from Outer Space"
(That song is definetly one of my favorite Phineas & Ferb songs)

Me and My Good: If you go to the top of the build you can see to god like figures floating there. The one that is completely white with blue eyes is the living embodiment of my good. The other person is my Sig-Fig floating above that battle like god of this world when in reality it's just me being a doofus acting like a god when I am really just a nerd who is there to see the heroes win.

Marvel Build: So after all of that stuff I started the front builds and the first one I did was this one the Marvel Build. Some of the characters are my favorite characters some are not. Here are the characters: Dr Strange (I wanted to change it a bit so I did the Defender Strange costume and I think I came out pretty well), Moon Knight (I decided to add him when the trailer for his show came out because even though he is one of my favorite characters I forget about him a lot), Hawkeye (With him I thought back to the suit from the Hawkeye show and it was comic accurate but with this I wanted to go classic comic accurate and redesigned his classic suit into a more armor like suit and I think it came out really well), Infamous Iron Man (The Reason I did this version is because this is one of my favorite versions of Iron Man because this version of him is Doctor Doom taking up the mantle of Iron Man. I have also been wanting to do a custom of this guy for awhile), Ant-Man (I made him because I got a costume idea that I wanted to try out also when I was making it I wanted a modernized classic Ant-Man helmet and I really love the way it came out) Thor (I did him because if you didn't notice in Infinity War he and Wanda were the most powerful people on the field! Also I just really liked that helmet again) Wolverine (Before you ask NO! He is not my favorite X-Men. That spot belongs to Gambit. I did him because I thought he would be formidable on the field with all of his hunting equipment and stuff)

DC Build: This is the next front build that is not as big as the Marvel one but it makes up in it's back build and also because I don't like as many DC characters but the ones I do like are at the top of my list. The characters in this build are all my favorites but some of them are variations of that character. The Flash (Being my favorite DC character I had to add him. This is my favorite version of the character, Barry Allen and I would consider this to be my custom Flash and I love the way it turned out.), Batman (Also being one of my favorite DC characters I based him off of my favorite version of him. Batman from The Dark Knight Returns which I have and read! I have a model coming out on it soon but back to the point. I did him because I thought it would be cool to have a helpful strategist on the battlefield.), Shazam (Being my 2nd favorite DC Character I really wanted to add him to show of the new design I made for him that was classic comic accurate with a bit of showing how Shazam is a man at his full potential. So I added muscles and a stubble.
), Green Lantern (This Green Lantern is not my favorite Green Lantern. This is Hal Jordan the most well known Green Lantern but my favorite Green Lantern is his predecessor Abin Sur. I decided to do Hal because I want to show off the figure I did for my Green Lantern 2011 movie review. If you want to know what I said about it go here https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/VzvM3d352Jp)

Wizarding World Build: Believe it or not I love Harry Potter. It's my favorite book series so I had to add him and other characters from his universe to this build. The build has Harry Potter (Of course the Chosen One, the Boy Who Lived is my favorite character. Also in real life I look a lot like him when I let my hair grow out. Seriously put some glasses on my face and slap a lightning scar on my head and "We're identical"
) Ron Weasley (I added him because I figured I would have the iconic trio and comic relief on the field would be helpful to brighten the mood.) Hermione Granger (Once again I wanted the trio together but her smarts on the battle field would be helpful), Newt Scamander (I also wanted to add the trio from Fantastic Beasts so have Newt would be awesome. Plus you have seen his beasts in battle they can do some damage.), Jacob Kowalski (Like I said above I wanted the trio from Fantastic Beasts in it too so decided to put him in with his wand that he was reveled to be given to in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. I can't wait to see it.), Tina Goldstien (The final of the Trio was the hardest to design because I was going for the look from the 2nd Movie and it kinda works but not entirely). After that I started with some more of the characters I wanted some characters that weren't main characters that I liked that I wanted to add. Albus Dumbledore (I figured we would need the most powerful wizard in J.K. Rowling's magical universe is in this battle so I added him with his most trusted pet, Fawkes), Remus Lupin (I added him because Mooney is one of my favorite marauders and a Werewolf on the battlefield would be super cool), Sirius Black (Being my favorite marauder and my 2nd favorite Harry Potter character + him being able to transform into a dog the size of a small bear made have to add him).

Star Wars Build: With this I didn't want any of the main characters at first and just wanted to add some of my favorite characters so thats what I did and those characters were Poe Dameron (Poe is my favorite Star Wars character and is an amazing pilot and not a bad shooter either so he was an asset for this build), Din Djarin (I needed him to be on this because he is one of my favorite Star Wars characters and his weapons arsenal would be awesome to have on the field), Ezra Bridger (I based him of his look from seasons 3-4 because I just like that version of Ezra better but I prefer the original lightsaber. The reason I added him is because rebels was definitely my favorite Star Wars animated show and he had always been my favorite character in it so I just really wanted to add him), Kanan Jarrus (The reason I added him instead of Qui-Gon Jin is because at the time Qui-Gon wasn't my favorite Jedi and I needed one more character for this build and him being my now third favorite Jedi I decided to add him). After that I decided to add Luke Han and Leia in my own style because I thought it would look nice and at the time had no back build idea for Star Wars so I did that (I wanted to add Chewie to but that there is no piece for Chewie's head so I gave Han, Chewie's bowcaster to at least mention him).

Symbiote Soliders: After those builds were finished I started doing the back builds for it and this is the first one I did. It is based on the book I am doing here on Mecabricks (Which I have not posted anything about in a year) and it is the Marvel back build. I did this for the back build because I didn't really have another idea and they would be awesome on the battlefield. Like a Venomized Solider and Symbiote attached to a human acting like a hound would be awesome on the battlefield.

DC What If...? Good Build: This build is based off of a story I will eventually be making and I added it because I already had one story back build so why not 2. I only included the stories that are hero stories because this is the good side of my mind not the bad side. If you want to know the charaters in this build and their stories go here https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/LyjWgOK3jJr.

The Book of Boba Fett: *Cough "Mandalorian Season 3" Cough*
He was originally a villain but now he is more of a hero because he protected Tatooine from the pikes so I put him in the good build. I have 2 reasons for this build. 1) I thought it would be funny to have Boba reading a book about how he came to be so it starts with Super Trooper (Boba Fett was originally supposed to be the super version of a Stormtrooper but they didn't have enough materials to make another costume so they through a cape on it and made a whole new character) the goes to his first appearance in the dreaded holiday special
then it goes chronologically in the story to kid Boba when his dad died and then to him as adult as we saw him in ESB and ROTJ and then lastly his Tusken Raiders attire. 2) When I told Wiz that he first appeared in the holiday special
(From now on whenever somebody mentions that movie I will
. :joy) I tried to post an image to show what he looked like but it didn't work so Wiz here is my work around of that situation!
I really tried to make it as accurate as possible. FYI the figures go right to left because I just built it that way and didn't care to fix it.

Favorite Books Build: After that I was pretty much done I didn't know what else to add but still wanted to add more. But then I started reading Hunger Games and a light bulb flickered in my brain. I decided to have my favorite characters from my favorite books and movies represent my favorite books and movies. So my favorite books are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Mangus Chase, Tristan Strong, The Hunger Games and Last Kids on Earth (I'll go into depth about why I like the books when I do the characters). First we have Harry Potter representing Harry Potter! (If you haven't read Harry Potter leave immediately
. Okay, okay I'm just kidding
. I know a lot of people say they have read Harry Potter and that if you haven't you should but you can say no but there is a entire magical world and the journey of a young boy defeating a great foe in it waiting to be discovered. It's the type of story that makes you question what's real and what's not and its really good.) Next up is Percy Jackson representing Percy Jackson(I read Percy Jackson because of a crossover between him and Magnus Chase that happened in Magnus Chase books and because people told me to read it and it was okay it had it's good part and it's bad parts but I read it because of the lore and modern day adaptation of Greek Deities and because Camp Half-Blood is pretty darn cool. I liked the first 2 or 3 books and the last was okay but it just had a really weird overarching story but it was still good enough to land in my favorite books list.) Now we have Magnus Chase representing Magnus Chase! (Magnus Chase is similar to it's connection to the gods and the fact that they are in the same universe. But the Magnus Chase gods are different because it's the Norse gods. And let me tell ya once they put the image of Thor with pigtails in his head you can't get rid of it
. The books are really good in the sense that unlike Percy Jackson it doesn't have an overarching story because each book brought a new problem that they faced and won so they didn't need to fight one big bad at the end of the last book and that made it really good. Also Magnus is technically dead which allowed Rick Riordan the guy who made the book make Magnus go on some really awesome adventures) Next is Tristan Strong representing Tristan Strong! (These books are about young boy who gets sucked into a land of African folk-lore stories where he learns that he a power that allows him to bring these stories to life and when he is there he meets many of the characters from the folk-lore such as John Henry, Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, Gum Baby and many more. I have taken a long break from it because I got to a point were things are really slow and that was like to years ago so....
. It is a good book series but I am stuck half way through the middle and haven't gotten further in awhile but that is just me maybe you had better luck getting through it than I have but I still consider it a really good book.) Now we have Katniss Everdeen representing the Hunger Games! (Now there are very, very adult things in this book but it is still a really good story because every moment of it, every up and down just pulls you even more into the story to the point where you will read about 40 pages in one day. Yes that did happen to me. The point is it is a really good book series. I am on the last one and can't wait to see what happens at the end.) Finally we have Jack Sullivan representing Last Kids on Earth! (This is a series of books that came out earlier than when I started reading them but all the same they are a really good book series. Admittedly I have stopped reading these. I keep trying to but online libraries can be pain and so I don't know what book came out most recently but if you like a story of a band of friends that are living in an apocalyptic earth overrun by monsters and supposedly they are the last people on planet earth -spoiler they aren't- then I suggest checking it out) These books are really good and helped shape me into the nerd I am today.

Favorite Movies Build as mentioned above I also did a movie bulid of that type of thing so here are the characters and their movies. Miles Morales representing Spider-Man into the Spider-verse! (Considered to be one of greatest Spider-Man movies of all time of course I added it! If you haven't seen it, it's about a boy who gets bitten by a spider watches Spider-Man die and then befriend other Spider-People from other dimensions. It's really good and I totally recommend watching it) Guy from Free Guy (When I first saw this movie it jumped to one of my favorite movies of all time. If you don't know what it is imagine NPC get the power of a player in a game and not just any game a game with weapons where you are supposed to be a bad guy but instead the NPC becomes a hero. It's a really good movie, Ryan Reynolds is awesome and hilarious in it as always and 10/10 recommend it.) Jack Frost representing Rise of the Guardians! (If you have yet to see this movie I suggest you do it because it is so awesome. Think that all of the characters from holidays and special events in your life were real and were protecting you and your happiness and they all banded together to stop a threat that could take away your childhood happiness forever. It has so may amazing, funny characters and I hope you watch it.) Adam Reed 2022 and Adam Reed 2050 representing The Adam Project! (This is one of Netflix's live action movies that were pretty good. It is a movie about time travel and in it the main character goes back in time and accidentally meets himself in the past and the dynamic between him and his younger self is hilarious. It is made by Netflix but has Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldaña and Mark Ruffalo so you can choose if it is good or not.) Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future! (Once again a time travel movie but also a classic Back to the Future for those of you who have not seen it is about a teenager named Marty who is friends with a scientist (Doctor Emmett Brown) who created a time machine and in attempt to escape a gang that killed the Doc, Marty accidentally uses the time machine and goes back to 1955 where he meets the younger version of Doc to help get him back to where he belonged) Mr. Furious representing Mystery Men (Another old movie about superheroes who aren't really good at being superheroes. When their city's main protector Captain Amazing (who sucks) gets captured by a Super Villain he releases. (long story) The heroes who are bad at being heroes go to save him accidentally kill him and then have to save the city from the villain on their own. It's not as dark as it sounds in fact it's pretty darn hilarious! I definitely suggest watching it because it is awesome.)

Like I said I wanted it to be the entire thing to be the full battle between good and evil but I couldn't add it because my main computer would not allow the whole thing to be made so I decided to have my 200th model be the evil side of my mind and then for MAYBE! MAYBE! Have my 300th model be a smaller Anti-Hero build with Venom and Doctor Horrible. But that's a big MAYBE! Some things I wanted to add Sonic the Hedgehog but if you have seen the attempts that people here have made on him you would know that mine would be hellish. I also wanted to add Starflight from Wings of Fire but I didn't want to do a dragon build.

Part 4: The Ending/Outro/Whatever you want to call it

If you have made it this far in the description I thank you for your loyalty and congrats on making it this far. I would just like to say good-bye by thank you all for waiting for me to publish this model months after it was supposed to be.
Next time I will try to do it on time by building it in advance. As always I hope you like this model because I do and a lot of work went into it. Finally happy May the 4th.

We must give credit where credit is due so credit to @nrgbrix_lego for the end of NWH suit and spoilers for NWH and to @WizardBuilds1 for part of the Katniss Minifigure (I changed the design a bit for it to be different)
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5 months ago
Sebachie & Wiz: Thank You!
5 months ago
Okay, now that's sick.
Great job, man! You've been an inspiration and you've been awesome.
Keep up the good work and congrats!
5 months ago
EMINƎM & DuckDuckGuz: Thankee!
5 months ago
That's really cool! and your right! It is a long description!
2 weeks ago
yes you did crash my computer, thanks a lot
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