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Mecabricks: Hands of Time: Chapter 1: The Hand of Time
Published 9 months ago
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Out on the infinite horizon, a shadowy figure walks forth... And they call him Corrin Smith. He looks angry... we'd best not get too close.. oh wait, that's just because his ship broke down and he has to walk back to Hateno Town by himself. Well that must suck.

Corrin: Oh finally, a ferry. Might as well hop on.

So he went on the landspeeder. The driver looked old, as if his best days had passed. With a friendly voice, he spoke.

Quell (qu - el): Hello friend (Boba Fett reference), Quell P. Chumsworth at your service!

Corrin was not in a happy mood and decided to speak up.

Corrin: I didn't ask for your name, I don't wanna know who you are, I don't even wanna talk to you unless I have to. So shut up and drive, or I'll drive you.

Quell: Oh, anxious are we? What happened?

Corrin: Well then, I was heading over to Hateno, when suddenly my ship broke down, go figure. I just needed to get directions from there, so I could head back to Ninjago City.

Quell: You mean the city just east of Necluda Sea? Surely you might ride a Loftwing?

Corrin: And how exactly should I do that?

Quell: You are a Kokiri. Your ancestors rode the great Crimson Loftwing. Surely you can ride a simpler one.

Corrin: Well, as long as this thing is safe, I'm ok.

He pulled out an orangeish-yellowish blade that looked.. familiar... Once Quell saw it, he was instantly afraid.

Quell: Oh no. You need to get out of here now. I'll meet you on the road; I know where you'll be. Just go! It's not safe here! Take the blade and go!

Corrin: Why? I still need to get to Ninjago!

Quell: Ok, just take the raft off of Kitano Bay and keep heading east past the Dark Island! You will find me at the old monastery! Now go! Be quick on your feet, hero, and save us from the Hands of Time....
|To be Continued...> I'll be the roundabout, the words will make you out n' out, bleh bleh bleh... (see what I did there? Cuz Dio's a vampire.)

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed! I'll release the next chapter as soon as possible, and I'm writing a book about it, so please register a character. About the joke, I know you might be thinking it wasn't funny, b u t. It's been said that vampires say "bleh bleh bleh", so I don't know exactly what you think, but I for one liked the "To be Continued" Jojoke, but until then, t h a t ' s j u s t a t h e o r y. A G A-

j2fam: Let's just get you outta there.. ( heaves and grunts)

Matpat: Hey hey what are you doing!

j2fam: Come on bud, let's go.

As I was saying, enjoy!
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9 months ago
Awesome! Exited for chapter 2, for SURE!
323 models | 13.7k views
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