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Sig-Mando Vs Dooku (Story)
Published 7 months ago
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Riding along the deserts of Mandalore, Cye is hoping his battles against saber-wielding opponents were over for today. Then, he notices something in the distance. It almost looks like a person. He then sees a bright red glow start illuminating from the object. At first, he tries to turn around and run, but he notices the figure moving towards him. Cye decides to fight it out. It's a jousting match. The unnamed sith lord driving towards Cye and Cye driving towards the unnamed sith lord. Once they were close enough, the sith's saber swang down on Cye, slicing his bike. The force of his swing caused the Sith to fall off his bike, which continued off into the distance. This was disguised as an intentional dismount by the sith. Cye didn't notice. Nor did he care. Cye's Beskar sword was still weathered from his fight with Maul. The Sith's blade left more marks on the sword. "Impressive skills with that sword, you possess." The sith uttered. "a certain green Jedi would like to have a few words with you about stealing his speech patterns". The sith stopped and started a dialogue with Cye
"You know master Yoda?" The sith asked
"He taught me how to use this sword."
"No wonder your fighting style is so familiar. It's also no wonder how I
coaxed that info out of you."
"What?! what did you do?"
"Nothing. Your idiocy just told me how to beat you."
Cye unholsters his blaster and takes a few shots at the sith, which are effortlessly deflected. Cye jumps at the sith, dual-wielding his blaster and sword again. The sith was leagues more advanced in his technique. Cye's blaster is destroyed by the sith. Coon after, the Sith lord's ship arrives. "It's been fun," the sith says "but I'm running low on time. Gotta run!". As the ship leaves with the sith. it begins blasting at Cye. Cye is hit and hides under the dust cloud. Believing Cye is dead, the sith leaves. Satisfied with his endeavors. Cye just barely manages to make it back to his campsite before collapsing on the ground. His partner, Kay, gets him bandaged up and healed. "Thanks, Kay. I really appreciate it." Kay nods. "Cye, do you remember that Jedi? The one that taught us how to use the Beskar swords?" "What about him?"
"He and some other Jedi came seeking refuge here. They told me that they are planning on bringing the war to Mandalore to end Maul's reign."
"Then we better get off the planet."
"We can't. Our ships out of fuel"
"Then we better find some."

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