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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter I
Published 2 months ago
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Mr. Maack opened the portal as all the students went in into dimension number 8263 aka Magic School dimension.

Mr. Maack: Welcome students, when everyone will arrive you will split into two groups and you will be able to explore this dimension.

Oliver flew right in going around between the students.

Oliver: who are you?

Grupnog: Grupnog.

Charlie jumped over Grupnog.

Grupnog: Get this tiny lizard off me!

Oliver: Ok, Charlie, come back.

Grupnog: Now fly away from me you stupid human-bug.

Mr. Maack: Grupnog, please clean the blood from your axe.

Oliver flew away over to sam.

Sam: Hello, I am Sam!

Oliver: Hi Sam, I am Oliver and this is Charlie.

Sam backed away.

Oliver: Sam? are you good?

Sam: I don't like dinosaurs... their time wasn't the best...

Then a sound of fighting was sound from the back. Oliver turned back to see what he is going on, as he saw red guardian fighting Grupnog.

Charles: Hi, sorry for Richard... Red guardian... He can be a little out of control sometimes. Richard! come back here!

Grupnog: Stupid person...

Mr. Maack: well, you need to control your ancient guardian Charles.

Charles: Yeah, sir, will do my best.

Ivy flew in from her portal.

Sam: Hi Ivy!

Ivy: Oh. Hello.

Oliver: Hi.

Ivy: Are you a town fairy? I heard about your kind, hides their powers, want to fit in, I think this is a waste of time.

Oliver: Who is it?

Ivy: that's Artemis, my wolf, he bits town people.

Oliver: oh

Ivy continued and went to Mr. Maack.

Mr. Maack, welcome Ivy.

Oliver: Who is she? How do you know each other?

Sam: she is Ivy, I met her, once, when I was time traveling, long story. But she doesn't like town people, and also town fairies.

Oliver: Oh...

Mr. Maack: Ok, all students! it seems like the others will be late, so you can start exploring on your own. This is for you to bond with each other, and for me to test and see your magical abilities.

Everyone nodded.

Mr. Maack: I will assign the teams, Charles, you are in group one, and Grupnog, you are in group two, I think it is better to separate you. Ivy, you will join Charles. Sam and Oliver, you will go with Grupnog.
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2 months ago
nice! love how you portrayed Grupnog
2 months ago
Nice story! Can I still finish mine?
2 months ago
Nice story! Can I still finish mine?
2 months ago
yes, but yours will join later
2 months ago
“Oliver: who are you?

Grupnog: Grupnog.”
2 months ago
Ok if I make one a little late? Sorry to bother, I was kinda delayed in making a fig.
2 months ago
@j2fam77, that's ok, but your character will join later like batdog's character
2 months ago
You should name this introduction or something like that. Nice job!
2 months ago
Dang man,I totally thought Grupnog was going to be like Groot!
2 months ago
Oh I was expecting the chapter to be later on not now... Can I Still do mine?
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