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Bespin Prison Break
Published 2 months ago
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These 6 outlaws have been arrested while attacking a Tibanna gas raffinery above Bespin.
From left to right:
#1: Kabo Pers, male Kyuzo (4 pts)
#2: Pia Anjipal, female Human (3 pt)
#3: Traas Yrilan, male Zabrak (6 pts)
#4: Polsor Kessi, male Quarren (4 pts)
#5: IG-90, IG-class droïd (7 pts)
#6: Arkil Madra, male Twi'lek (6 pts)
They are kept under close watch in Bespin prison.

Now, I need your help!
Would you please vote for your 2 prefered outlaws?
Your Number 1 will get 2 points and Number 2 will get 1 vote.
On Feb 1st, I'll close the poll and the 2 outlaws with the most points will manage to escape from Bespin in a stolen ship!

(the reason behind this is that I'm currently building a Star Wars ship, and I would like you to help me choose who will be the crew members!)

And if you want to make one, feel free!
I will replace my outlaws with the lower number of points by yours, and we'll go for a second round of poll

But if you do, I will need a very simple version like these ones i.e. no clipping, no accessories... (of course you can add a second version with whatever amount of weapons and clipping that you want! ... but I will probably not use it...)
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2 months ago
#5 and #3, but could I make an edit or two to #3?
2 months ago
Thanks for your votes!

@Lax: you did right, I replaced it with your "update", it looks better! Thanks
2 months ago
No problem! I'm glad you like it!
2 months ago
#4 and #5
1 month ago
Thanks for your votes!!

It seems that the IG droïd has the lead so far... and Mr Zabrak comes second, but that's quite close!
1 month ago
IG units are assassin droids...
1 month ago
Thank you all for voting!
I know that IG-90 got the most votes but I realize that he's (it's ?) too tall to fit in this ship that I am currently finishing.
So I'll pick up the next 2 ones, and IG-90 will have his own model some day...
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