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Lax's thing a ma bob... and I'm hungry! Not really... I just had pizza... like an hour ago... so what. Lier! No, you aren't a lier... I just said that... don't ask why... woooo this is a long title... see ya!
Published 2 months ago
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Last Name: Arenado

First Name: Jason

Age: 23

Gender: Male

State/Colorado US
You are going to kill me

Bio: Born as the son of a preacher, wanted to be a police officer but after a confusing set of events found himself in the military.

Skills: Well he’s a sergeant, and has skill in cooking… though that isn’t really relevant. He also is a fast runner, was almost always first place on his track team. I guess that’s it
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2 months ago
Oh Greenie, always hungry
2 months ago
And we have someone to cook meals!
2 months ago
GREENIE IM GOING TO MURDER YOU sike at least it ain't Altuve
2 months ago
Speaking of hungry... I’m hungry!
2 months ago
But I had cereal 2 hours ago so I have to wait before I can ask for lunch...
2 months ago
Ya know what... maybe I’ll ask! *looks over at mom* *Sees that she’s listening to podcasts at her desk*
Nah I’ll wait.
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