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Jedi Padawan Kyle Arugon
Published 2 months ago
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A Powerful yet ambitious Padawan under the training of Bastilla. He was first born on the disgusting world of Corellia. In several years he finally made enough money to buy a ship and get the heck out of that place.

He made some of the biggest spice runs in history. He was then recruited by the Old Republic. (Since they couldn't catch him) ANd was assigned to the Endar Spire. (If you play KOTOR you'll know what happens next.) Then the Endar Spire was attacked! He escaped down to the world of Taris with Carth Onasi.

He escaped from there as well after Darth Malak had ordered the planet to be destroyed. He escaped with multiple new friends: Mission (Twi'lek), Zaalbar (Wookiee), Bastilla (Jedi/Human), T3-M4 (Utility droid), and Canderous (Mandolorian).

Bastilla took them to Dantooine. He had started his Jedi Training there. He saved a Jedi from the dark side and did countless other things there.

LIghtsaber: Green

Jedi type: Consular

Jedi Level: Padawan

Force abilities: Force Freeze

Age: 32
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