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4429-1: Helicopter Rescue
Published 2 months ago
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The inventory is ~98% accurate; I used a different fuselage nose and replaced some minifigures.

1. https://rebrickable.com/parts/87613/aircraft-fuselage-curved-forward-6-x-10-top/
2. https://rebrickable.com/parts/87612/glass-for-aircraft-fuselage-curved-forward-6-x-10-top/
3. https://rebrickable.com/parts/60598/window-2-x-4-x-3/
4. https://rebrickable.com/parts/47998/plate-special-4-x-4-with-clips/

1. https://rebrickable.com/parts/10581/sticker-sheet-for-set-4429-1/
2. https://rebrickable.com/parts/973c27h01pr2074/torso-hospital-lab-coat-dark-azure-scrubs/
3. https://rebrickable.com/parts/970c00pr0358/legs-and-hips-with-white-hospital-lab-coattails-print/
4. https://rebrickable.com/parts/973c22h12pr1976/torso-fire-suit-with-stripe-and-harness/
5. https://rebrickable.com/parts/970c00pr0293/legs-and-hips-with-topographical-map-and-zippered-pocket-print/

⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕

This set no. 4429 'Helicopter Rescue' came out in 2012 as part of CITY's "Medical" subtheme. At around 420 pieces, it was the largest of two "Medical" builds and, according to Brickset notes, an exclusive limited release in many countries (thus, not appearing in consumer catalogs).

Despite a slightly confusing title, the model depicts not just a medical aircraft but a two-storied hospital and an ambulance.

The mid-size Rescue Helicopter features an upgraded 6x10 Fuselage top piece (part #87613 developed in 2010) and a cargo hull fitted for stretchers and accessed through a simple rear hatch. Overall, the aircraft design is a bit similar to a 2010 set no. 3222 'Helicopter and Limousine' (https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/VzvM1OYRvJp).

The building rests on two connected 16x16 plates (rather than a "baseplate," which ain't very prevalent in LEGO builds). I'm a fan of the architecture, frankly, with so much functionality packed in a tiny structure—and such memorable aesthetics. A massive glass wall goes from the ground to the roof, revealing a reception area below and a patient ward with two beds on the second floor. (Other equipment in the room includes a medical computer and an IV drip). On the right, there's an ambulance garage with a transparent rolling gate and a tiled Helipad on the roof.

Even outside—again, with so little "real estate"—the Hospital came with neat details and decorations: a green bush, a tiny bench, an outdoor sign (with a red canopy and lights), and a tiled footpath. Epic!!

The car is similar to most compact CITY automobiles of the era, with a one-piece 4x12x¾ "recessed" vehicle base in the chassis and round mudguards. The Ambulance fits a stretcher in the back. (The 'Helicopter Rescue' came with two stretchers, both for the Helicopter and the Ambulance, and matching the two-patient capacity of the Hospital).

The set came with four characters, featuring some unique or rare body parts (absent on Mecabricks, mostly):

❒ The Doctor wears a white lab coat over azure scrubs, with a stethoscope and ID badge, and had both an upper part and printed legs exclusive (never appeared in any other LEGO sets).

❒ The Pilot had a more familiar look: a red fire suit with carabiner harness (often used in "Fire" helicopters) and printed legs with a topographical map handing out of the pocket; this part was more common in "Police" minifigures.

❒ The Paramedic (with a female face) sports one of the uniform variations in the "Medical" theme that appeared in a few sets in 2012-16, with a blue "Star of Life" EMT logo on the back.

❒ The Patient has one of my all-time favorite CITY torsos, a green v-neck sweater over a collared shirt. What an epic "normcore" fashion! The green sweater guy appeared in dozens of sets, including several CITY Advent Calendars, typically in random "cameo" roles. In the 'Helicopter Rescue,' he came with a banana. I wonder if it's more of a cause for his trauma (slipping on the banana peel) or a snack in the patient ward?

⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ HISTORY OF 'MEDICAL' THEME ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕

Even though the first "Medical" LEGO sets came out as far back as 1973—predating even LEGOLAND Minifigures, let alone a "modern" Minifig era—it never got a long-lasting dedicated subtheme through the 1980s and '90s, like other crucial communal services, like "Police" or "Fire."

LEGO would create an occasional Ambulance, a medical aircraft, or even a fully-equipped Hospital every few years—typically, in the general "Town" line-up or within other urban subthemes. If anything, LEGO paid far more attention to lifeguards and rescue services during the Classic Town era: multiple incarnations of "Coast Guard," a "Rescue" (1991–96) subtheme, short-lived "RSQ911" (1991–92), "Res-Q" (1998) series, etc.

Here's a more-or-less complete line-up of all "Emergency Medical Services" sets produced during the LEGO System era:

✚ ✚ ✚ 'RED CROSS' PERIOD (1980—1994) ✚ ✚ ✚
Initially, all "Medical" vehicles, buildings, and minifig uniforms carried a simple Red Cross logo.

The first LEGO System medical building (a tiny doctor's office):

6364: LEGOLAND Town > Paramedic Unit
https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/8mkjABoMvZG by @Hogi

6629 Ambulance
https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/QeDvVdw52BR by @UmbraManis

Two sets came out as part of Town's short-lived "Emergency" subtheme, plus an Ambulance among generic "Town" vehicles:

6523: Town > Red Cross
One of the first sets that featured a "suitcase" accessory
by @Sebsan21

6380: Town > Emergency Treatment Center
The first full-scale, substantial LEGO System hospital
by @Basch

6356: Town > Emergency > Med-Star Rescue Plane
by @Sebsan21

⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ 'STAR OF LIFE' ERA (1994—2018) ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕ ⚕
In the mid-90s, LEGO replaced Red Cross with a new logo, a so-called "Star of Life"—white "Rod of Asclepius" (sometimes called "asklepian," a rod with a serpent around it that belonged to a Greek god Asclepius, and universally associated with pharmacies and medical profession) against a blue hexagonal cross.

Only one set with a '⚕' logo appeared in Classic Town:

6666: Ambulance
by @SafePit

Over a decade later, circa 2005, first EMS sets began appearing in CITY:

7267: Paramedic
Minifigure pack
by @Harry_Potter_Nerd

One of the first "complete" CITY line-ups:

7903: Rescue Helicopter
by @Stephan3321

7902: Doctor's Car
by @Stephan3321

7890: Ambulance
by @Superdooperhero

7892: Hospital
by @Stephan3321

An Airline Promotional Set came out with a medical aircraft.

2064: Rescue Plane
by @rustem

4936: Doc & Patient
Mini-set with two minifigures and accessories
by @Harry_Potter_Nerd


4431: CITY > Medical > Ambulance
by @rustem
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