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Earth-Prime: Chapter 6
Published 9 months ago
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They all left the building.

Jason: Ok people, where is Roy?
Harper: Roy!
Jacob: Is he pranking us?
Mira: I do not know?
Harper: Very funny! You can come now!
Tom: He is not here guys.
Harper: Then where is he?
Tom: Let me have a quick look around and check.

Tom sped throughout the scene to check for clues.

Tom: He has been kidnapped.
Jacob: That is random.
Harper: It is.
Jason: We need to find out why who and most importantly where. Because we need to focus on our mission to save Nate.
Tom: Also wherever he is, he could damage the timeline.
B.E.E.B.O: I know where he is!
Harper: What was this thing?
B.E.E.B.O: Me.
Jason: I think this is B.E.E.B.O, this little puppet came with us.
B.E.E.B.O: Beebo likes to cuddle
Mira: You are not helping B.E.E.B.O!
B.E.E.B.O: Roy is at the court of owls and there has been a level 2 alarm at the time bureau.
Mira: Which means that we have time, quickly let's go to Gotham!
Jason: God I hate this place! After the arrow cleaned most of Star City they all just moved over to Gotham.
Mira: We can't all go, too dangerous to the timeline.
Jacob: In that case, we need only the fastest people to go.
Tom: Currently, it's only you and me.
Jacob: I know, but when we go, the others can go and get more help, we have a week and no time to waist here talking.
Jason: Jacob is right.
Harper: Sounds like you just don't want to go to Gotham.
Mira: Both ways, it is helpful, to save Nate.
Tom: Ok, in that case, let's go Jacob.

Tom and Jacob speeded out of the place. They were on Gotham a few seconds later. They were running around the city, trying to find where Roy had been hidden, until Tom was attacked from the side.

Tom: Ow!
Jacob: What happened?

Two Talons were hiding at the sides, Jacob saw them, there was the anti-velocity serum in a gun, it seem like it. At that moment, Jacob realized that the court was prepped for other heroes. He ran to a safe place where Tom could recover quickly from the serum, but on his way he was hit by the other Talon. They were powerless in the moment.

Jacob: I do not have my powers.
Tom: Yeah I know.

As the Talons went toward them Tom jumped at the Talon rolling with him on the ground, as the other Talon attacked Jacob in the stomach as Jacob blocked it ad hit the Talon in the face. They both couldn't win against a Talon without any superpowers. so they ran away searching for Roy. They saw him on a room passing through the place. he was tied and was heavily guarded by dozens of Talons. Luckily to them Roy saw them and a plan came to his mind. He started moving his legs.

Talon: What are you doing?
Roy: Doing my leg workout.
Talon: Stop it.
Roy: do you want to do it with me?
Talon: Tie his legs.

As the Talons came to tie Roy's legs Jacob and Tom had a chance to enter without being seen. As they came inside, Tom saw something on the table. It was a knife, which he chose to take. He started attacking the Talons, but without speed, he wasn't fast enough to beat all of them, he knew he had about 30 minutes or so to have his speed back. The Talon were jumping on him, Jacob tried to help, but he could not help much. At that point, the bureau invaded the place attacking all the Talons which were outnumbered by the people as well as the high tech. Tom, Roy and Jacob took the chance and run away as fast as they could

Roy: You do not have your speed?
Tom: Yeah, but how about a 'thank you'?
Jacob: How about we run before they will find us.
Roy: OK.
Tom: We need to get to the rest of the team. They went searching for help.
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