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Cakery's Fifth-Generation Fighter Prototype
Published 3 weeks ago
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This fifth-generation jet prototype is modified by the joint corporations of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and the Intercom of Cakery.
Designation: XF-56
Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney F135 with Triple nozzle thrust
Maximum speed: Mach 1.8 at altitude
Armament: 1 x GAU-22/A rotary cannon
Avionics: Has avionic components of F-35, with the addition of
MJU-39/40 flares
AN/AAR-56 Missile Launch Detector
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722 pieces
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2 weeks ago
This jet is an intended replacement for the AV-8B Harrier and an alternative to the F-35. This plane is targeted to countries who cannot afford their own program but cannot also afford the 94-122 million-dollar-cost of the F-35.
2 weeks ago
Since there are various defects in this model, I'm going to shelve this and make a mint one with exactly the same pieces as this one but with pinpoint accuracy (up to 10 decimal places).
2 weeks ago
If there are pieces missing, they are normal. I'm using them as references.
2 weeks ago
It is a modification of one.
2 weeks ago
Sorry for the confusion today. I made a new Jet, then closed this model and opened the other one, then realized that I could import and imported the new version of the Jet from the other model into this one, then deleted the Jet with the errors, and closed the new Jet model. This jet right here has no errors in it. Have a nice day
2 weeks ago
I have the original set sitting on my dresser, its really dusty lol.
2 weeks ago
I don't have to actual set, but my friend does.
1 week ago
Yeah, that's the one.
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