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Jeritza Lego ART
Published 3 months ago
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*NOTICE* Read to the end, there is some important stuff. Oh1 And if you read the tags, I think you'll get a kick out of 'em. Now without further ado:

I actually made this a while ago, but then I found a problem and I couldn't find where I miscounted... I searched for literally hours! Eventually I gave up...

Anyway, I saw that some of you liked the Dimitri Lego ART (which you can find somewhere on my page), so, I thought you'd like to see this. I'll if you guys really like this model, and want me to finish it, comment. If I get more than 20 people who want me to finish this model, I go back in and find my error, then I'll finish the model. I hope you enjoy what I have of my Jeritza Lego ART- Bultgang
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3 months ago
Youre doing this by hand? theres a button that does this for you in mecabricks. its the tile icon on the left side in the workshop
3 months ago
I know, but it takes FOREVER to load, and my creations are bigger that 100x100.
3 months ago
fair enough
3 months ago
Do you have any image editing software? maybe you could chop the image up and do part of it with the mosaic button and fill in the gaps by hand?
3 months ago
I thought about that, but I really enjoy making the mosaics.
3 months ago
Ooh, nice! You should totally finish it!
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