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Eurobrick's 3rd LDD Classic Space RCB
Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
1. Posted Image - Calabar (added spaceship garage)
2. Posted Image - The Legonater (finished garage; began hangar)
3. Posted Image - slacker int (continued hangar; added storage silos and sensor tower)
4. Posted Image - DJ Force (continued hangar; began landing pad)
5. Posted Image - Captain Tamamono (finished landing pad, continued hangar)
6. Posted Image - Alopex (added small vehicles, continued hangar)
7. Posted Image - Eskallon (started command center)
8. Posted Image - SilentMode (added vehicles and road)
9. Posted Image - moop2000 (replaced lisqr who replaced legolijntje) (continued hangar)
10. Posted Image - MattTheLegoman (added tower, added shuttle transport, continued hanger, added Polaris hovercraft)
11. Posted Image - CorneliusMurdock (added Pizza Kitchen)
12. Posted Image - BasOne (began launch pad)
13. Posted Image - SpiderSpaceman (replaced Kestraltalon who replaced prateek) (began greenhouse)
14. Posted Image - Pirate Pete (replaced alienwar9) (added newsstand)
15. Posted Image - lisqr (replaced legolijntje who replaced J4ke) (added streetlights)
16. Posted Image - Piratedave84 (added dish; completed command center)
17. Posted Image - prateek (replaced wmanidi) (added minifigs and other bits here and there; finished rocket command center)
18. Posted Image - lalror (added floating cafe)
19. Posted Image - CallMePieOrDie (added construction area; completed newsstand)
20. Posted Image - Brickdoctor (added Classic Space statue; completed hangar)
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4 years ago
Awesome renders Nachapon!
4 years ago
Thanks, UmbraManis.
4 years ago
I love the spherical render: it looks like a whole planet of space!
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