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31024 - Alternate Roadster
Published 2 years ago
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Alternate model for Lego Creator 31024.

The MOC is designed by NKubate, please check https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-4939/NKubate/31024-roadster/ for details.
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2 years ago
Good stuff. Did you scale down your model in blender before rendering it? Did you use Blender 2.78?
I need to investigate, but it looks like Blender 2.78 doesn't like to have the model scaled down. it messes up with the round edge shader that doesn't seem to scale down anymore which we can see on your render.
2 years ago
@ Scrubs,

Yes, it is with blender 2.78a, I had to scale down quite a bit (0.3).

I know blender only enough to use your script smiling face with open mouth so it may be possible that my way my not be right way to do it.
2 years ago
Not your fault. We found something wrong with scaling and blender 2.78. Don't scale the model, just move the camera further away winking face
2 years ago
Great smiling face with open mouth, will try that for next render, thanks.
2 years ago
Rendered without scaling the model, also tried motion blur smiling face with open mouth
10 months ago
Starting to get familar with the Ricoh Theta V camera to shoot HDR images for my rendering digital LEGO® research.

I shot an HDR image with 13 f-stops outside and a clean backplate of the camera's place for the digital Mecabricks model.

For the second try I am satisfied and looking forward to more experience and improvements of this technique.
10 months ago
Next rough test with the Ricoh ThetaV to shoot HDR images for image based rendering digital LEGO®.

I had not much time to match the reference picture with the Mecabricks data perfectly.

The HDR image was shot spontaneously in my friend's garden with 13 f-stops. I shot a reference plate with a LEGO model and Minifigure of my son's collection and finally a clean plate with my iPhone 6. I found the model on Mecabricks but it looks like my son had modified it and I had no time to match the models (yet). But this works for a comparison.

The HDR image result is too bluish. This is the reason why the colors are not matching to the original reference plate. Next time I need to take care about a proper white balance.

But the test proves that the Theta V delivers a good 360° HDR image to match the lighting, reflections and shadows very nicely.

The iPhone's lens has a (35mm equivalent) focal length of 29mm (wide angle).
10 months ago
Very nice job!
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