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75871-1: Ford Mustang GT
Published 3 years ago
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Break records in this American dream car!

Prepare the mighty LEGO® Speed Champions Ford Mustang GT for a desert race. Choose your wheel trims, set up the timing board and power away. Display all your driving strengths and muscle your way to a new record!

Includes a Ford racing driver minifigure.
The race-ready, buildable Ford Mustang GT can fit a minifigure inside and has a removable windshield, 2 sets of interchangeable wheel trims, plus authentic Ford Mustang pony logo and headlight stickers.
Accessory elements include the Ford Mustang GT driver's helmet, a wrench and a timing board displaying the quarter-mile time.
Match up against the 75870 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for a desert-racing duel!
Measures over 1” (4cm) high, 5” (14cm)longand 1” (5cm) wide.
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3 years ago
I hope it is okay that I posted that picture. I made it before I ever heard of MecaBricks. It is a real picture I took and then edited in GIMP. Maybe one of these days I'll duplicate it but with a render. HD version can be found here. http://www.mem3500films.ml/pic/Pictures/Mustang.png
1 year ago
love the rendering could someone do some for my dodge challengers plz
1 year ago
Wow, NGCHunter, that render is insane! I'm blown away by how every element is LEGO -- even the leaves blowing around! Fantastic lighting, composition, and building. Amazing!
1 year ago
Thanks a lot for your kind words, BrickHoard! smiling face with open mouth
1 year ago
Render with blender cycle and compositing with blender 3d!
1 year ago
Nice render MasterBricks! I think you went overboard with the Alt+J, W-Remove Doubles, and the X-Limited Dissolve functions. winking face
1 year ago
Nice render, MaeterBricks!

However, I think you should adjust some things.

First, there is too much SSS. You should not scale your model in Blender, this impacts the setting of the SubSurface Scattering, but simply adjust your camera and your lamps.

Then, your render is a little bit dark. You should increase the power of your lamp(s).

Keep going! winking face
1 year ago
I going to make a better the after week because I must work because I have a lot examens(In France(4eme))
1 year ago
I assume the extreme SSS happened because you scaled down after importing. Once you have imported the Mecabricks data you should not scale.
1 year ago
You, you use modo, isn’t you
So what’s the difference?
(I Sorry if you don’t understand I am french and I am 13)
1 year ago
Mecabricks scripts (Lite & Advanced) only work with Blender.

If you import your model in .dae (Collada) format, without the use of scripts, or in another 3D software (Modo, for example), you will have to clean all the meshes and create all the materials yourself. And it's a colossal job.

So prefer the use of Mecabricks scripts, or the Render Farm.
1 year ago
Ha Ok
Me I create my shaders with the node of blender lite or with the principled.
Thanks for the information
by Stas
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