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Mystic Waterfall
Published 11 months ago
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Nobody knows how this waterfall works. Is it magic or just a pressurised well? Either way it looks like something straight out of a fairy tale!

Since Scrubs added this beautiful piece (thanks so much!) I'm finally able to use it the way it looks the best in my opinion. As a waterfall!

I hope you like it.

For optimal stability the new 1x1 brick with 2 knobs (not opposite) from the Assembly Square would be needed.

This model was built by me saabfan. You may download it, render it and built it in real life but please always include my name if you post it online.
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237 pieces
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11 months ago
This is beautiful and very clever!
11 months ago
Thanks a lot Masman! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
11 months ago
Not even a day and this new piece has already been put to good use! It is also one of my favourite but I would have never thought it could have been used for a waterfall.

Next for you the Faun legs. I will finish decorations for the Ghostbuster HQ and I will try to fit this in between or just after.
11 months ago
Do we already know the LEGO Design ID for the new 1X1 bricks with the 2 knobs? I could make it now. Actually, I can just put a temporary ID as now Mecabricks is fully coded to be independent from this number.
11 months ago
Now that is the kind of LEGO model (MOC or otherwise) that I really love. Clean, clever, and all-round fantastic. Absolutely wonderful! Kudos! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
11 months ago
Thanks a lot ngriffin! winking face @Scrubs Thanks so much for this part. I have been eagerly waiting for it. As far as I know there's no ID yet unfortunately. I'm really looking forward to the legs. winking face
11 months ago
You are a genius. Have I already told you? face with stuck-out tongue
11 months ago
Clever use of the Mini Ghost legs.
It could also be used as energy.
9 months ago
OMG! This is great. Great part usage but I think that about half of them don't exist IRL.
6 months ago
Face with open mouth Face with open mouth Face with open mouth Face with open mouth !!! Nice job! TylerBricks, I believe most of thoughs peices do exist.
1 month ago
amazing ! The trees and the waterfall are really nice
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