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Emmet's Apartment
Published 4 years ago
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This is Emmet's apartment from the movie "The LEGO Movie". I built this in LDD for a LEGO Ideas submission (expired though):


I have imported this from LDD and hopefully I have found and corrected most "errors". Some pieces are missing in Mecabricks though:
- The basketball on the bedroom cupboard (43702).
- 41533 - Turntable 2x2x2 Side Facing Locking.

All printings on the paintings are also incorrect (or missing) as well as the digital clock by the bed.
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4 years ago
Everything is awesome!
3 years ago
Amazing project but how do you know where everything is layed out?
3 years ago
You can actually see most of the layout in the movie (pausebutton was my best friend
And then there are some "behind the scenes" movies on youtube with some more unseen layouts. I only had to guess som small parts like some small areas in the bathroom and the kitchen.
3 years ago
Would you ever consider making this editable?
3 years ago
@jaydotjay: Maybe when it is no longer active at LEGO Ideas
2 years ago
Have you given any more thought to making this editable?
2 years ago
thanks for putting the set together Dr!
4 months ago
That’s so awsome!
4 months ago
cool man or as emmet says "Everything is awsome!"
3 months ago
I just love the renders... thanks!
3 months ago
Watching the movie I noticed that the carpet had some studs and some tiles and I thought that was cool. But then I saw your model and I realized that the tiles are in the places that Emett walks the most! That's awesome!
3 months ago
Thanks WizeWun

And yes, I really tried to make the build look as close to the movie as I could.

Lots of pause and "behind the scenes" made it possible
2 months ago
=/ is a move lego
2 months ago
Do you like my render?
2 months ago
You are a great builder!
2 months ago
Hey there! First of all great work for what you have done for this set, it looks official! I just wanted confirmation that it is ok that I used this set in one of my animations? Full credit was given but I thought it would be best to let you know.
2 months ago
Hi gergogerg.
First I have to say thanks!

And it is totally ok to use this set in your animation.

But now you've made me curious... have you shared your animation somewhere so I can see it?
2 months ago
Yeah sure!


It was made around 2 months ago and recently had it private to ask permission to use the set. But I really appreciate the response as the last thing I want is someones work being used without concent.

Keep up the great work!
2 months ago
Really impressive work gergogerg!

And it was really fun to see the set come alive.

Keep on animating!
2 months ago
Thank you so much and I'm glad to be able to feature your work!

Hope to see more in the future!
2 months ago
there's also The LEGO Movie Video Game (bricksburg loading screen) to help with the exterior, but it probably isn't screen-accurate.
2 months ago
Thanks justyouraveragebuilder.

I've actually used that one

And what can be seen in the movie of course.

So all in all it should be quite accurate even if I had to make the exterior a little bit smaller to fit the rooms.
2 months ago
but in all seriousness, people probably don't really remember the exterior as much as the interior. this is an absolutely fantastic build and the attention to detail is astounding!
2 months ago
I always loved Emmet's apartment!!
Incredible model!!
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