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The Cold_Fire Androids!
Published 3 months ago
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I figured since everybody was doing these I would too. So I give my robot that I have dubbed the Cold_Fire Androids. I designed each one of them myself and they have a multitude of weapons and are ready to fight any threat to Mecabricks. Their weapons include:
1. A Lightsaber (It's hidden in a compartment in their right leg similar to how one of the T-888 models of terminators who hide their gun in a leg compartment)
2. Justy's Strong n' Stuff Juice! (This is hidden in the left leg compartment and is more of a boost they can give human allies in battle. It does nothing for them)
3. Sonic Cannon + Sound System (By inserting a cassette into the cassette player in it's chest it can release the song/sound from speakers in it's back but the song can be turned into high or low pitched frequencies as damaging sound waves. They can also give out headphones for people who want to listen without the big speakers)
4. My Timetrix (Details for that can be found here)
5. The Freezing Flamethrower (A weapon of my design that has been constantly pressurized to freeze but spitting so many flames so fast that it becomes a flame that can freeze at the touch.)
6. The Elbow & The Fist (While I was making this it reminded me of the episode in Phineas & Ferb when Norm took over for Dr. Doofenshmirtz and turned himself into a weapon and sang a song called "Weaponry".
That was definitely one of my favorite episodes but moving on because it reminded me of that song I decided to give my androids 2 of the simplest weapons from that song called The Elbow and The Fist.
7. The Web Cannon (Basically a big Web Shooter on their shoulder that gives them a method of transportation and a way of stopping the Sebotchies!)
8. My Boots (I wanted to give my super speed boots to these guys but robots wearing boots would be weird. Other than Terminator that is. So I built engines into their legs similar to Tenya Ida from My Hero Academia. So now they can move as fast as I do!)
I originally intended to just post this as my robots because everyone else was doing them but now it is back up against this! And I made it as a before and after thing to show the android in it's normal form. Also credit to BricksandBones for the base design of the bots.
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3 months ago
Formidable! But just so you know B&B made the base for the bots.
3 months ago
Oh! Okay I will fix that.
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