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Project D_R - Ch. 6
Published 4 months ago
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Project D_R

Chapter 6

As Ian drove, LW’s mind turned to the desolate landscape around them. Stunted trees grew here and there, and the ground was covered in long dry grass. No wonder there were so many bush fires in Australia.
“Excuse me,” Snap, who sat in the front seat, said. “Where are we?”
“We’re entering Yanchep National Park,” Ian replied. “Pretty wild place there. Queer, too, people have reported seeing weird things at night. Jets of flame, hurricane winds. But Australia’s a place of mystery. Always has been.”
They left the hard bitumen road and clattered onto gravel. Python leaned towards the window and pointed, with a cry of delight.
“Look! Kangaroos!”
A whole herd of kangaroos bounced parallel to the Ian’s truck. Ian’s face was grim as he gripped the wheel tight.
“I hope those pesky things will stay off the road. Don’t want to have the park ranger onto us.”
After a couple more hours, LW’s teeth were almost rattled out of his head. Ian’s suspension was good, but not enough to soften the rough pot holes in the road. Finally, the truck stopped at the edge of a large forest.
“This is where your map leads,” Ian said.
LW exited the truck, gazing around as if D_R was going to pop out of a hole.
“Well this is great,” Snap said. “There’s nothing here.”
“Whatcha looking for?” Ian asked.
“A friend was supposed to meet us here,” LW kicked a rock and jumped back as a lizard, sporting a blue tongue, scurried away. “C’mon, Python, Snap, let’s take a look in the forest there.”
“I’ll be waiting here if you want a ride back!” Ian said.
LW raised his hand in acknowledgement and walked into the shelter of the trees, Python and Snap on his heels.
The truck was long out of sight. LW trudged on, hoping the stories D_R had told them about drop bears were a myth. Why had Dragon circled this place? There was nothing here.
“Look! A house!” Python said, pointing through the tight-knit trees. The trio broke into a run but slowed as they approached.
An eerie feeling surrounded them. LW took a step back. Dread settled on them like a heavy, itchy blanket. LW shrugged it off and bounded up the two stairs to the veranda and swung open the door.
After the summer sun outside, the house was pitch black. But not just the blackness of no lights, every appliance which should’ve had lights was dark. LW flicked a switch near the door but nothing happened.
“No power,” he said. “Snap, can you buzz Op and tell him we found the house? Tell him we’re going in and will buzz him if we find anything.”
“Roger,” Snap started typing furiously while Python, torch in hand, was puttering around the room.
The room was simple. Just a couch and a tv with a table in one corner.
“C’mon,” LW led the way through a door and into a neat room. Neat, save for the excessive amount of papers on the desk.
“It’s her study,” Python whispered.
“Maybe she left a clue,” LW walked to the desk and started shuffling through the papers.
“Look,” Python pointed to a book open on the desk, several sentences underlined. “’She lived in one of a long row of houses which were all joined together.’* It’s The Magician’s Nephew.”
“Hmm. Maybe it means something,” LW said. “Keep looking through the book. See if you can find anything else.
“LegoWilly,” Snap called, “you might want to see this.”
LW found Snap outside, staring at a long burn mark in the wooden wall. It was accompanied by several gouges and gashes. It resembled the marks a bear makes in a tree.
Python joined them, the book still in her hands.
“I found something rather interesting,” she said. “There are several underlined parts, but mostly near the beginning and end of the story. Listen, I’ll read some.
”Congratulate me, my dear boy,” said Uncle Andrew, rubbing his hands. “My experiment has succeeded. The little girl’s gone. Vanished. Right out of the world.”’
“And, ‘“As soon as you can, take from this Uncle of yours his magic rings and bury them so that no one can use them again.”’
“And, ‘They got a trowel and buried all the magic rings, including their own ones, in a circle round it.’”
“What do you suppose it means?” Snap asked.
“Dunno, but those two last ones were marked in red.”
They spent another half hour searching the cottage, but found nothing of use. Their spirits were lower than Antarctica as they trudged back to Ian and his truck.
The sun sank in red as they drove away.

End of Chapter 6!

God Bless!


*From the Magicians Nephew by C.S. Lewis
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4 months ago
yo this is fire @Dragon!!!
can't wait to see where you take the story!!
4 months ago
("LW exited the truck, gazing around as if D_R was going to pop out of a hole." idk why, but i laughed way to much at that
4 months ago
Love the Magician's Nephew references, D_R! That's one of my favorite Narnia books.
Loved this chapter!
4 months ago

...but apart from that it's beyond perfect! You're an amazing writer... totally--

*Greenie was suddenly killed by a Chupacabra*
4 months ago
Wow, you're a good writer!
And, yes the hole part was great.
4 months ago
@Sir Elabor, Well, I own a dragon . . .
Glad you like it!

@Op, They may or may not be important to the story later on . . .

@Chuck, Thanks!

@Greeny, *shudders* #NeverSwimInQueensland

@Fireblade, Indeed!

@Snappy, Meci!
4 months ago
@Dragon what!!! What does that mean? Oh, and you're welcome.
4 months ago
Greenie: Queensland is a province/state (IDK what they're called in Australia) within the continent of Australia.
4 months ago
@Greeny, Queensland is one of the northern states. Look up "Australian Box Jellyfish/Sea Wasp" and you'll see why I wouldn't swim there. Not to mention the crocs.
4 months ago
That probably the Jellyfish I was talking to you about a while back.
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