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Scout the Dragon (And her Rider)
Published 1 year ago
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It was an early May morning, and the whole Mecabricks group was standing in a parking lot outside Mcdonalds. They'd been scheming for the past few weeks to have a meet-up, and the plan had finally come to fruition.
Operator tapped his foot on the asphalt and glanced at his watch. "Dragon is late," he said.
"Eh, maybe her plane was late," Chuck suggested. "You know, cross winds can put an airliner several hours behind. Maybe I should've picked her up in my jet."
"You asked her, and she refused," said Gman, "remember?"
"Maybe, she finished her novel, and is late because she's getting it published!" said Greeny.
"Perhaps she got in trouble at school," Lax remarked before remembering and amending his comment. "Except she doesn't go to school."
"I'll bet she's still in Elabor," yawned Sir Elabor beneath his helmet. Never the less, he was poised to take cover should Dragon still be mad at him.
"How could she get to Elabor?" asked Snappy. "That's as improbable as her owning a dragon."
Suddenly, a burst of fire exploded over their head. Everyone ducked, Sir Elabor almost ran under the car. Someone shrieked. A wind like a tornado sent hair whipping and possesions blowing.
A brilliant sapphire dragon broke the clouds and landed with a flurry in the centre of all of them.
"D_R!" Gman shouted. Everyone was slightly shell-shocked.
Dragon_Rider06 slipped off the dragon, and grinned like the cheshire cat.
"Howdy, human jellybeans!" Dragon presented the dragon with a showman's flourish. She whistled to it, and the dragon rose and blew a stream of fire into the sky.
"Folks, I want you to meet Scout," D_R said.

For Christ Alone!

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1 year ago
Love the design of the dragon, and the story!
1 year ago
Wow... now she really does have a Dragon O_O... NOBODY MAKE HER MAD!!! Okay, literally... in all seriousness... NO ONE!!! I REPEAT!!!! NO ONE!!!! MAKE HER MAD!!!!
1 year ago
nice to finally meet ya, Scout!!! (hhhh a new story!?!?)

wait, @Dragon, you're not still, like, mad at me. . . right? 0_0
1 year ago
'Lo there, Scout! Are you a Wyvern? A Dragon? You have the structure of a Wyvern, but your wings don't have any claws. Hm.

Anyway, nice story, D_R! I love how I'm always the opening character in these for some reason.
1 year ago
Cool build, and story!
"Fruition", nice word usage.
1 year ago
Let the wind carry us
To the clouds, hurry up, alright
We can travel so far
As our eyes can see
1 year ago
@Obsidian, Thanks!

@Lax, Gracius!


Scout may or may not be really friendly. I wouldn't take that chance, though.

@Sir Elabor, Scout says hello!
Nah, you're good. This time . . .
(This isn't the new story.)

@Op, No clue what a Wyvern is. She's just a dragon.
Interesting point. I reckoned you'd be the one to point out that a member is late.

@Snappy, Thanks!
1 year ago
D_R: A Wyvern is a dragon that walks on 2 legs, and its wings act as its hands/arms. Similar to the way a bat is structured. A dragon generally has 6 limbs (front legs, back legs, wings), and is usually bigger than a Wyvern.
1 year ago
@Op, Like a Monsterous Nightmare from HTTYD?
1 year ago
@D_R06 Does... he like pumpkin soup...? Like, would he get mad if I tried to feed him some...? You know, I just have this left over bowl from, well, you know... I need to get rid of it somehow but... would, would he eat it?
1 year ago
D_R: Yeah, that's a good example. Toothless is a Dragon, and Hookfang (that's her name, right?) is a Wyvern. Astrid's is also a Wyvern, and Meatlug is a dragon.
1 year ago
@Greeny, I wouldn't try it. After you know what, she got very sick of it. You could try feeding it to some pigs. But keep it at least half a world away. It blows, 'cause I can't eat it in her presence anymore.

@Op, Okay, that makes sense.

@justy, I modeled this head off one I found on Google. But it's my own design. I think.
1 year ago
@Dragon Aw, well... if you say so. However, I have no idea where to find a pig O_O
1 year ago
If you'd come to me four years ago, my brother could've sold you one.
1 year ago
@Dragon Actually, I could go out in the woods and find a wild one... though... that could be a bit risky... they don't take us human jellybeans to fondly O_o...
1 year ago
All those animals, and you don't have a pig?
1 year ago

cool Dragon, @Dragon!
we are the piraaaates, who don't do anythiiiing, we are the pirates, who don't do anything at aaaaalll,
something about a red baaalll, um, we never swab the poop deck, and uh, um...

yeah, it's been a while since I've heard that one.
1 year ago
@Greeny, Jellybeans are yummy. They probably can't see the difference.


@Justy, That's a good song. One of the best

@legomaster6383, On a scale of 1 - 10, if you're me, 0. If you're Greenflame with a bowl of Pumpkin soup, 10.
1 year ago
The wings, the legs, and the fact that the neck can only move up and down...
I seriously doubt that.
well, I seriously doubt that the dragon will fit in that tiny stomach.
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