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Dice Tower v2 (removable covers)
Published 1 year ago
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A dice tower for keeping rolling dice contained. This version includes a removable cover over the landing area so the structure can be used for transportation and storage. The cover utilizes "pins" to keep it in place, as well as a "retaining wall" on the side closest to the tower to prevent objects from going back up the ramp. The tower is solid (filled) beneath the ramp for stability and sturdiness.

Dimensions are given in LEGO units and mm*:

Height - 3.33LU (31.2mm)
Depth (interior) - 3LU (28.8mm)
Length (exterior) - 21LU (168mm)
Length (interior) - 18LU (144mm)
Width (exterior) - 16LU (128mm)
Width (interior) - 14LU (112mm)

Height - 15.33LU (147.2mm)

TOWER OPENING: (top/entrance)**
Width (exterior) - 16LU (128mm)
Width (interior) - 14LU (112mm)
Length (exterior) - 14LU (112mm)
Length (interior) - 12LU (96mm)

TOWER OPENING: (bottom/exit)
Width (interior) - 8LU (64mm)
Height (interior) - 4LU (approx. 38mm)

Width - 18LU (144mm)
Length - 21LU (168mm)
Height - 5LU (48mm)

* 1 LEGO unit (LU) is equal to the size of one 1x1 LEGO brick. The metric measurement is calculated, not directly measured.

** The tower opening varies in width/length from top to bottom to effectively "roll" the dice before reaching the landing area.

NOTE: This design is created based on several other dice tower ideas. I've not yet had the opportunity to gather the LEGO and construct it myself. Please let me know of any problems you encounter with the design.

I've also been informed that not all of the pieces used in this model are actually available in the colors chosen here. If you intend to use this model to build a physical structure, be sure to check color availability.
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