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The Nerd Herd
Published 3 months ago
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Ok friends, three things…

1st I’m back!

2’d Happy 4th of July fireworks

3’rd #letsgonerdherd

Ok, as some of you know I went to a Christian College for a computer science camp. I went because I am considering attending that particular college for a CS major. So yeah, it sounds logical enough. Anyways lots of other camps were going on as well, but of course I’m not gonna make a detailed post for them smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes Anyways I LOVE my group, and we called ourselves the Nerd Herd. So in honor of the awesome week with amazing people, I made this!

Let’s Go Nerd Herd!

Note… “Nerd Herd” will become an official tag for every project of mine from now on.

“And We sing Glory and honor, power and strength to the Lord.”
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3 months ago
@Snap Yes!!! Isn't LEGO Movie font just amazing?
3 months ago
I'm so sorry dude, I completely forgot about this. I will definitely try to get it rendered in this week, I've just been busy, and I was trying to delete some of the pieces because it's over the 1,000 pc. limit
3 months ago
Thats alright
Take as much time as you need.
3 months ago
Here’s a render for ya!
3 months ago
@Snap Ha ha! Thanks

3 months ago
Ok... I'm holding my peace... but why did Scrubs remove the render? I mean literally, this is not a cheap thing. I have seen things of the same quality stand the test.
3 months ago
I don't know but here's a render I made last night. It's a slightly modified model because It is easier to light and render if it's more compact.
3 months ago
ok...not going to lie... that's very funny. I posted my render at the same time LW posted his
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