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9th Game!! - Collab with Randdan
Published 4 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet

Big thanks to Randdan for creating the vehicles, characters, and obstacles!!!

Sorry for my recent inactivity (which I hope will change in the future) but I'm quite busy at the moment!
I will check for notifications every day, but I won't be as active (for now) as always in workshop, making new content, nor posting anything...

Now, for the part you have all been waiting for:

How do you play the game?

- Basically, you open this model in workshop (by pressing the Editor button)
- Open nodes (click the middle icon at the top of your screen of (to the left) of the trio)
- Play the animation (there is a play button in nodes)
- Close nodes (by simply pressing the button to open nodes again)
- Select the top group (folder) under graph, to the right on your screen, that says "Rotate Me !!!!"
- Use arrow keys to interact!

Note: The street might slow the game down. If this is the case, you can remove it by scrolling down the graph until you find an object called "Delete me in case of Lag"

Better distance meter (used the node value to number)
Anti-justy-System (just 4 fun
) (Hope it works...

BTW; you can win, but I don't think anyone will XD

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4 months ago
Incredible! I unlocked the green guy, then I got frustrated and threw my computer out the window (probably shouldn't have done that)
4 months ago
Starborn - Thanks!! XD
Yea... you shouldn't have....
4 months ago
General_Veers - Thank you!!
4 months ago
justy -
XD I'd like to see you try & Random piece I needed as Boolean
I've had it for a long while... There is actually a rectangle 2x2 too! Hidden somewhere...
4 months ago
justy - ... *Rethinks life choices* (I'm pretty sure a square is a type of rectangle...)
4 months ago
justy -
Alright... I'll just let you continue to believe that that is everything I did...
4 months ago
its weird that almost every time you post a game on MB, I come out with one really, really shortly after I see it...
3 months ago
77 - It isn't an animation, but a game!
3 months ago
Because he wants to?
3 months ago
77 - Because doing only animations is boring and creating games is a fun challenge that I enjoy doing. It is even more entertaining than animations, in certain areas, because it is interactive and you don't just watch it once or twice and then move on, but you actually have to take your time to play it. Also, Randdan wanted to do a collab with me, so I did. If you enjoy animations more, then just watch any of my many animations. There are at least fifty you haven't seen!
And if you don't enjoy animations, then looks at some of the amazing builds on this website or renders or stories or even comics, etc...
If you ever get bored of those and building yourself, then I'm afraid this isn't the ideal site for you... but then again, who'd get bored of mecabricks? XD Please don't ask why it is a game and not an animation, because it's a pointless question. This is not the longest reply I can make, so if you want a better reason, I can give you a longer comment if you want, but I think it'd just waste our time and keep you from watching animations all day long.
Also, I'm not just and animator, you know? I'm also a builder (kind of), a programmer, amateur author, renderer, a friend, etc...

I hope that answered your question, and if it didn't... oh well, I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out an answer...
Have a nice day!

Oh, and please don't use all caps
3 months ago
77 - I can see that you can make long comments.
Maybe next time don't post such a long comment, because it is very annoying to scroll down to the latest comments all the time!
2 months ago
cool! like everything you build.
2 months ago
yes justy I cant find them!
2 months ago
maybe in another model?
2 months ago
justy - I believe they got deleted

Wing6 - Thank you!!
2 months ago
3 weeks ago
I just won!

I didn't see what score I got to but my proof is...

It said: You

Creators: The_An0nym

Very nice game!
205 models | 36.2k views