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Chapter 15
Published 1 year ago
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I don't know what to make of what I just wrote O_O...

Lego_Lover didn’t like being by himself, and he hated yawning, but had no choice to as the hour inched by. He’d stepped on his com a little while ago, and hadn’t been able to keep up with what the others were doing. He tried to sing, tell himself a story, clean the ships, but was board despite all of these thrilling activities. Thump. Something had softly, yet firmly, struck the ground around the side of the transport ship. Holding his breath he readied his gun and quietly stepped around the corner. If an onlooker had been there, he would have seen a bright green beam penetrate L_L’s heart that same second. The leader had died.


The blast door slid shut and Gman sighed with sorrowful relief. Greenie hadn’t seemed to pursue, at least, well, Lax might have been able to keep him back long enough, and they could have lost him in that time. However, the place did have it’s security, and Lord_Phantom might have ordered it back on once they’ed figured things out. They were alive however, or at least, he turned to count their number. Snap, wait, that was it! Snap seemed to be thinking the same thing, because he was looking around sorrowfully. Placing his back against the door Gman slid down and buried his face in his knees.

“You might want to move,” Snap said, waving his hand towards his right, which was Gman’s left.


“Move over, if Greenie comes, or whoever that is out there…” he trailed off, looking longingly through the door, despite the fact he couldn’t actually see past its dark and solid form. Gman got his meaning however, and scooted over, not wishing for a lightsaber to pierce both the door and his back.

“Well,” he said, “looks like we’re stuck in this room, I don’t see any exits.”

“There might be hidden exits,” Snap stated hopefully.

“Yeah, but I didn’t say there weren’t any, I just said I couldn’t see any.”

“Well, I didn’t say you were saying—”

Gman silenced him with a wave of his arm. “Let’s not argue, I’m tired and…” he suddenly stood up and looked frantically around. “Shoot, I’ve lost the com.”

“Good thing we’ve got inventories,” Snap pulled out another with a wink and handed it to his leader, now become partner.

“Great, let’s see if—”

“Hello!” A perky voiced shouted through, “oh gracious goodness we’ve finally connected again. I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened! Are you all safe, are you all on your way yet? Oh my goodness I can’t believe how long it’s been…” The voice was none other than that of Servant Penguin’s, who they hadn’t spoken with for over a month. He was quite talkative, and very annoying. They’ed cut him off a while back, after they had received all the info they needed.

“Um, well,” Gman looked at Snap with disappointment and frustration, Snap only responded with an innocent shrug. “We’re doing…” Gman suddenly let out a burst of anger and threw the com across the room, it smashed into bits. “Of all things, why—”

“Open this door now and you might be spared,” a demanding voice came from the other end of the door. It wasn’t Greenie’s, but that of the guard.

“Great, prepare yourself Snap.” Gman looked around and, seeing no cover, placed his back at the other end of the room and aimed both his blasters at the door. Snap followed.

“Is there any specific plan to this fight?” Snap asked.

“Yes, die like men.”

There was a loud bang, and the door showed a significant change in shape, yet remained closed. Snap continued. “You sound confident.”

Gman smiled, “as ever.”

“Truthfully, you’re never confident in my book, only serious.”

“Good thing your book is wrong.” Another bang met their ears the very second Guitarman closed his mouth, making a small opening in which lasers from both sides began to whiz through.”

“I’d prefer it if they hurried up the process,” Snap groaned. “It’s not that I want to get it over this quickly,” he seemed to be trembling a bit, a feeling Gman himself was trying to fight off, “I, I just want a clear shot.”

His wish was granted and the door flew into chunks, lasers and smoke filling the room like a firework. Laser also flew out of the doorway, but when the enemy stepped through hardly any escaped, most now greeting those who’ed come closest to their senders. Snap couldn’t explain how, but both him and Gman found their way to the middle of the room, standing back to back firing their weapons and striking their opponents with elbows, fist, and feet if any came close enough to reach.

“Been shot yet,” Gman said, wincing because of a pin in his left side.

“I think more than once.” Snap’s voice was raspy, a sign of drawing death which made Gman’s heart sink. He struck a nearby solider across the visor with the butt of his gun, and then blasted another.

“It’ll bee a pleasure dieing along side you bro.” Gman said, but Snap didn’t answer, he just kept fighting, falling to his knees a second later. “Come on man,” Gman grunted, tears beginning to well up in his eyes. “Don’t leave now, I need you…” he trailed off in a whisper.

“Carage…” Snap mumbled, falling forward’s and landing on one of his hands, using the other to fire off a random shot at whoever was closest.

“Bro listen you—”

“Courage and string,” he inhaled, “an stringth.” These were his last words, before falling to the smooth ground and releasing his grip, the that formerly had held his weapon more firmly than anything he’d held before.

Gman lost it, literally. With tears streaming down his brokenly fixed face he fired off shot after shot, spinning out of the site of some, only to appear before others and send them crashing into their comrades. Grasping the helmet of one trooper he ripped it off and threw it into the gut of another, and then took hold of the first mans hair, thrusting his face down into his knee. He turned and released about nine rounds into another guards forehead, and then spun to kick another fellow in the chest. He didn’t count how many times he himself was shot, nor did he care, he only thought of of ’courage and strength’, the last words of his last friend. Slowly he weakened, yet slowly the guard disappeared. Without even realizing it, Gman had permanently silenced every last foe. He looked to his left, and then right, and then down at Snap. Falling to his knees he rolled his friend over wept. “Come’n buddy,” he sobbed, “don’t leave me like this please!” He shouted these last words and threw his weapon down at the nearest guard. He knelt there with one hand on his friend’s shoulder, the other clenching the wound in his side he no longer realized was there; his life was draining from him by the second. He lifted his sorrow filled eyes as footsteps broke the broken stillness of the room, and there stood Greenflame’s form.

“Death…” the form whispered in a rippling way, the familiar body no longer resembling what if had previously been, though seemingly still the same. It ignited it’s saber and stared down upon the mourning warrior.

“Courage and strength,” were the only, and last words, that came from the mouth of Guitarman2.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO YOUR READERS, GREENIE? G-man must now write an obituary for himself. As Palpatine has said, "Ironic . . ." sigh I feel like you modelled G-man's last moments after Thorn's.
1 year ago
That was more heroic than I anticipated.
My long-awaited demise has come, and I thank you for sending me out with a good ending.

@Op: I feel like writing my own obituary would be difficult.
1 year ago
Yes Operator I agree. is it just me or is Greenies book just how he kills of all of his friends
1 year ago
@Operator I can't respond to your comment
... and who Thorn? Anyways, just wait till da next chapter

@KoE Well, then I have nothing to respond to
. Thanks

@Gman You had to go down like a good solider, that kinda thing is just engraved in your personality. Also, beleive it or not, but I had no idea you and Snap were the only ones left until are started writing
... I guess I did get a little too eager with my lightsaber

, should I rename it... How To Kill Your Friends on a Friendly Basis?
1 year ago
It finally happened.

Looks like there's a typo when I go down though.
I say, "Courage and string".

And what's Carage?
Is that me trying to say courage?

Anyway, great writing!
1 year ago
... no, it's no typo... you were in the middle of dying and had trouble letting your words out... sad

But thank you!
1 year ago

BTW, this model would look epic
as a rotating animation.
1 year ago
@Gold thank you!

@Snap Yes, that would look really cool
. wish I knew how to animate O_O
I have a lot of chapters to catch up on!
very emotional chapter.
when pinguin said "oh gracious goodness we’ve finally connected again." I felt that.
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