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Escape! 0.1
Published 12 months ago
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Start of chapter 0.1

"Who can name me the 7 main elements that keep the planet going?" asked Mr Filsell.
Costa stuck his hand up.
"They are fire, water, ice, plants, rocks, wind and the aura."
"Correct, 20 points to Costa."
Yes! 20 points would do me my homework for a week in five minutes! thought Costa
Points give you power, if you were to watch a power fight against two fire type powers people, 1 had 5320 points and the other 7309 points the person with more wins. Costa however, had a unique power to use points to upgrade things so if he wrote one word on a piece of paper and spent 100 points on it, he could have a 10,000,000 word document with no error about the French revolution which would be worth to go to Oxford! Or if he wanted with 3000 points he could give someone weak strength powers or speed, with 1,000,000 points he could give someone to have the ability to be able to open portals to different worlds.

The bell rang.
" Don't forget to do the homework about the 7 elements and how they are vital for human beings survival."
"Ok sir." the class said in unison, while getting their stuff packed up ready to leave.
"Class dismissed."

Costa rushed to get to the next class, no-one likes being late to Mrs Bligh's class, that would be suicidal.
He recognised a boy running passed, Bevan, he was courageous running past this classroom, he could get a years detention if he was caught.

Bevan grabbed Costa on the shoulders and shouted, "RUN FOR IT!"
Behind Bevan were two other students getting chased, by this hideous alien like creature.
Who cares about Mrs Bligh? RUN
Costa turned and ran for it.
"Head to the 3rd floor!" shouted one of the students, "I've got a secure base there!"
Costa sped up his pace, just in time to spot to more zombies in front of them.
"Watch out!" he screamed.
Then Joshua jumped ahead got a gun out and shot them.
Why the heck did he bring a gun in school for? I'll ask him later
"Good shot!"
There was a lift I never noticed before before me, the armoured guy (Jonah) said/ shouted "Get in quick!"
Without question they got in, just in time to escape those monsters.
"Bottom floor" said Jonah and the lift started to go down... At the same pace as 1mm per minute.
"Goodbye easy homework." muttered Costa the upgraded the lift to go 1mile per minute using his 20 points.
1minute later...
[we will we will rock you...]
Why do you have music in the lift?


"Whoops, probably shouldn't of made it so fast, sorry." shrugged Costa.
"Don't worry I'll get it fixed, for the meantime we need weapons" replied Jonah.

{end of chapter 0.1}

Just so you know who the characters are based on:

Joshua Michaels- Wizardbuilds1
Jonah [Arose] Cowell- No name
Costa (Munchic) Smith- me
Bevan [Gabriel] Lane- The_An0nym

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12 months ago
Nice! No name... I love it I'll change my username to that as soon as I'm allowed!
12 months ago
“Who cares about Mrs. Blight?—RUN!”
12 months ago
How didn't I see this earlier?! XD
It's Amazing!!
12 months ago
Seb - Aww... Don't be so hard on yourself!!
even if it's true
(JK, JK)
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