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Listen Up Folks! A New Story Straight from D_R06 Publishing!
Published 6 months ago
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Hey people, you probably haven't heard, but I've decided to put my current Mecabricks story on hold for a little while. In its place, I have a brand new Star Wars fan-fic story coming within the next couple of weeks. Set during the Old Republic, it features my new character, Rit Dune.
You're probably wondering why, it's just that, I've had this idea in my head for ages, and really want to do it. Even if I tried writing my current MB story, it wouldn't be as good as I'd like it to be because my mind would be busy thinking about Star Wars. Don't worry, it'll come back, sometime.
Don't judge, I know the custom prints are terrible,
they didn't work out just as I'd planned.
That's about it! bye!

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6 months ago
That sounds awesome, I love the Old Republic era and I can't wait to see what you write.
6 months ago
Can't wait! Bring it on, Malgus!
6 months ago
Thanks XForce, yeah I think the Old Republic has a lot of unexplained story-line that people can exploit easily.
@lich_bricks, This is set waaaaaaaaaaaay after Malgus, somewhere between 1000 BBY and 19BBY, during the Golden Age of the Republic
6 months ago
Oh, got confused with my Timeline!
6 months ago
Wouldn't that be the High Republic, not the Old Republic? (Sorry, I'm pedantic like that XD)
6 months ago
I mean when the story will be set, sorry, nothing I write is ever clear XD
6 months ago
Cool! I’ll have to keep an eye out!
And I agree, you’ll have a lot of freedom since there’s so little content (So far) in that time period.
6 months ago
Sounds good! Also welcome back!
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