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Published 5 months ago
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Ok so we have some stuff to talk about. Where do I start.
1. The hand of Midas
So the hand of Midas is a story I tried to make that didn’t quite work out on my part... I honestly forgot about it until recently. So! I’m giving it to someone. I don’t know who right now BUT! I will find someone.
2. N1N74-C4TZ
N1N74-CATZ is dead. He is gone and he won’t be coming back as far as I know. (Unless one of you revives him he is dead.)
3. Space Explorers
I was going to make a mini series called Space Explorers but that didn’t end up happening. If anyone wants it than they can have it (pm me for details)
4. I won’t be making more Nintendo characters.
5. My WiFi was out for a few days so that’s why I wasn’t on last weekend.
6. I need a custom printed head. If anyone can make me one pm me and I’ll tell you what I need.
7. The rouges gallery
Remember that rouges gallery models made a while back? I lost is and I can’t find it. I might’ve accidentally deleted it or something. But nevertheless it’s gone now... soooo yah.

If you have any questions ask me in the comments
If you have any questions about numbers 6. 3. Or 1. Pm me and I’ll answer them. I’m sorry about the hand of Midas and the Nintendo characters.
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5 months ago
is N1N74-C4TZ your alt account?
5 months ago
N1N74-C4TZ was a robot I made that turned out to be evil
5 months ago
That’s what really happened
5 months ago
I made a robot
He killed me and threatened to take over Mecabricks
Then he was killed
He is dead now
5 months ago
Uhhhh what’s it a bad idea to make a robo me?
5 months ago
Nah, I just accidentally put a kill switch on the back of his head. And I made it possible for him to itch sooooooo yah.
5 months ago
All because of a simple scratch on the back of the head.
5 months ago
so N1N74-C4TZ was a robot that lived with you and he kept posting mean things so you killed him?

scientist have created a robot with a mind of its own but it would probably be expensive. i don't believe this story or if scientists would even want to sell it if it turned out to be evil something would code it again and make it evil if it was someone who would work for the scientists then that would waste money A LOT of money

it would make sense if you would create a virus robot of a mind of its own of its own account but scientist didn't create that either.even if they did it would probably be a big failure.

huh, i never knew i would go this far when i go low key on a topic.
5 months ago
N1N74-C4TZ was a robot I made up and he was evil. He was fake, not real. And he didn’t really kill me irl. He didn’t exist irl.
5 months ago
well that explains a lot
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