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Koda and Kaen for Time Explorers
Published 4 months ago
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I hope this works- *clears throat* hello, i am Koda, a student of NNCU of the year 3082, I think my science teacher used some old blueprints to make a time machine? This is my final vlog if i die- *glitches out* (Just a bit of a story you can use it i you want, if not es oki)

Name: Koda Sato
Team: Future
Age/birthdate: 18/ 5/16/3064
Likes: Science, Anime, Manga, Swords, Old history, and Japanese culture
Dislikes: Bullies, Jerks, and People who boss him around, Snakes and Spiders are his fears.
Hobbies: Inventing, Sword training, Driving, and Coding.
Bio: Koda was a student of NNCU before discovering his teachers time machine, With his digital brother, Kaen he travel to meet the other explores
Extra info: Koda has Asthma an Athletic asthma, as well as his left kidney being misplaced on his bladder, any hit to his stomach will kill him. Koda is a shy loner who is constantly bullied, hence why he made his digital twin brother Kaen so he would finally have a friend.

I hope you like my entry!
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