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6456-1: Mission Control
Published 6 months ago
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The inventory is ~95-96% accurate, with almost 20 unique parts absent, and I had to create a few MOC assemblies to replace some critical parts:

>> [MOC] Parts 30211 (10 pieces) in the "Launching Pad" grouped under the "Launch Pad,"

>> [MOC] Parts 30296 (20 bricks), used twice in the "Shuttle Hauler,"

>> 4x [MOC] Parts 2422 (3p), in the same vehicle,

>> [MOC] Part 30351c01 (32 parts) to replace the Battery Box inside the "Tail Section" subgroup of the "Space Port Shuttle,"

>> [MOC] Part 30354 (6p)—in place of a Rocket Nozzles transparent part.

Another noticeable change is the Command Center's roof—same as with the 'Simulation Station' build, I had to replace the glassed roof with solid bricks. Other absent pieces were easy to replace.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This set no. 6456 'Mission Control,' also known as 'Space Port Shuttle Launch,' came out in 1999, and it was the largest model in a newly launched "Space Port" subtheme.

"Space Port" was the second theme in Lego Town depicting a civilian space mission, following the "Launch Command" series in 1995-'97 (which was marketed as "Spaceport" on the British market—written as one word, as opposed to the new brand). Before that, a few individual shuttle-themed Lego models came out in the early nineties, such as set no. 1682 'Space Shuttle' in 1990 (sporting real NASA emblems and USA flags), or the 'Shuttle Launching Crew' no. 6346 released in 1992 as part of the Town's "Flight" subtheme.

The renovated "Space Port" featured an expanded line-up of models, a slightly restyled fictional logo for Lego's space agency, electric "Light & Sound" functionality, and new artworks, including a full line of minifig's uniforms, from ground crew technicians to astronauts.

The Space Port Shuttle is the largest element of the build, and it has a modular structure with three sections connected on Technic pegs. First off, a pretty standard Shuttle Cabin. Then, there's a Satellite Bay with two hatches revealing a tiny Satellite on a moving mechanical arm (that can also hold a Meteor with an extra adaptor included). The Tail Section contains a custom battery-powered "Light & Sound" module, which illuminates Rocket Nozzles (in transparent red) attached below and has three buttons to operate built-in sounds. (The same unit also used in set no. 6454 'Countdown Corner/Space Port Saturn I').

The cabin and tail can be connected together, bypassing the satellite bay, to make a more compact shuttle. Two pairs of clamps additionally secure shuttle sections together.

Apart from the Space Port Shuttle, the model comes with two ground vehicles: a tiny Moon Buggy (with a cargo trailer to carry the Meteor around) and an enormous Shuttle Hauler on caterpillar tracks. Unfortunately, rubber treads aren't available on Mecabricks; I think that a Conveyor Belt #92713 would've fit nicely, but it's not flexible and can't be stretched over the wheels.

I also tried building non-elastic tracks from #3873 Grease Band Joints, but the Hauler's wheelbase becomes too wide (the Launchpad tower is designed for a very close fit). I had to give up and go with individual wheels, which luckily doesn't affect the overall look too much when the vehicle is parked.

The ground structure mounted on a 32x32 baseplate has, first of all, a three-level Launching Pad tower, with a bunch of hand tools and accessories on each floor (such as fire extinguishers, pressured gas tanks, CCTV cameras, etc.)

Two gigantic "arms" holding the shuttle in place are attached on hinge bricks and contains another missing Lego part, an Insectoids Small Support Leg #30211 that I also had to replace with a custom MOC assembly. I'm satisfied with the visual look, for sure, but the dimensions don't match the original part exactly, so I might improve it later.

Besides the tower, there's a billboard (with Space Port exact coordinates on the world map), a tiny Fuel Pump, and a workbench with a magnifying glass and some handy tools to crack open the Meteor. A Command Center building in the corner is very similar to the one used in set no. 6455 'Space Simulation Station.'

Overall, this distinct, fantastic-looking Lego set is one of my favorite examples of the late nineties' Town design.

This set is curious as one of the first (as far as I know) examples of explicit "emancipation" in Town. Lego was always super-traditional and conservative in showing gender and family roles, but "Space Port" featured a Female Astronaut—woman as a main character in a STEM role.

The figure has a custom space helmet, unique torso print slightly varying from the male's "Space Port" uniform, and newly-created head (very similar to the standard 'rebel pilot' face with a headset, but changed to red lips and eyelashes). All these parts are missing on Mecabricks, and for now, I replaced them with similar decals.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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6 months ago
@MatiasNenePro you can't really—either you're lucky enough to have an exact decal/print already available on Mecabricks, or use a similar design / similar-sized element with the necessary decal (like 2x2 brick with a sticker + two 1x1 bricks in place of a single 1x4 brick with sticker, or a hinge brick with a necessary flat tile attached. Just from available parts.

Some users like to leave parts and torsos blank, if the correct sticker is not available, I personally prefer to come up with something similar-looking from the same era (sometimes change a color, etc)

PS. I think if you do a render, also, you can add external textures or smth, but I never messed with that functionality here yet.
6 months ago
@MatiasNenePro, new stickers are added all the time! I just updated this build, for example, to have a proper 1x2 brick with a shuttle logo in the Control Room's building in the corner. (Used to be a hinge brick with a decal slapped on it.)
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