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Sweets & Co
Published 4 years ago
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Hey everybody! Since I find the whole Mecabricks idea phenomenal, I just felt like posting some of my MOCs around here. This is Sweets & Co.

Sweets & Co. is my favourite of all my modular buildings. Its striking façade marks a big departure from some of its predecessors (which I might post if I have time ;P). The harmony of the left blue building and the right white building makes this extra special. Btw, dark turquoise as façade colour on the right building ;D

The idea for this thing came from looking at the corner buildings in Barcelona and noticing nobody had ever tried to do something like it before. I also wanted it to be more daring than official modular buildings (they tend to be rather conservative) in terms of shapes and colours.

Hope you like it. Note this is done in LDD, so some pieces are missing (not many thankfully!) and there are no face prints on minifigs! You can do renderings and all sorts of stuff with this. In fact, I'm eager to see it!
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4 years ago
I'm sorry but I don't know how all the Library works... Have I overuploaded pictures too many? I don't know how to make my model appear on the main screen. Maybe I'm pretty dumb, though...
4 years ago
I'm finding myself wanting LEGO to make one of these officially...love the build, and all of those details and techniques are really brilliant! Especially love that tree.

Also, welcome to Mecabricks!

You didn't add too many pictures; so long as renders are not screenshots of the workshop or extremely low quality they are welcome. Also, models are not added to the main screen by default; to avoid it being flooded with minifigures and such, anything that does appear there is manually chosen. This probably will appear there rather soon.
Happy building!
4 years ago
Wow nice rendering and model! Also welcome to MecaBricks!!
4 years ago
Hey thanks for answering!

Funny that they choose what the main pictures for the home page are. It's understandable though. At least if you have a model that gets there it's more exciting, right?

And since you're talking about the tree, the oranges on it are actually the maraca piece in orange
Also, on the door in front of the tree, there's quite a beautiful ornamental fence made out of Indy's whip and a dragon head only used in one or two sets in 2002! And in copper ;D

If you actually wanted to make this a reality, imagine placing all those 45-degree tiles on the blue building! What a pain!
4 years ago
Hi awk777888!! Thanks! This is quite a nice rendering, but it's done in Pov-Ray and it takes foreeever to do...!!! And I don't know how to do all those sick renderings on Blender, so I just posted it here hoping someone could give me a little hand!
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