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Invincible CMF
Published 4 months ago
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Alright, for those of you who don't know about Invincible, let me explain. Google it
, anyways once you're done with that I'll walk you through the characters.

First, we have Art, who I just adore. He was drawn amazingly (not that the rest of the characters aren't) and I just loved his personality. He kind of reminded me of Alfred.
Then we have Atom Eve, who I did like although I didn't honestly understand how her character development impacted Mark. It just felt like that girl who had a crush on him.
Moving on we have Cecil, who was the last figure I made. He is a pretty two-faced character
(see what I did there). I hope he'll have a bigger arc in the next season.
I think I should point out that Darkwing who is not a Batman rip-off, can phase through walls and stuff like that. I also loved his hood.
I'm about to show you the biggest pun in the world. We have Dupli-Kate, I know I could have done Multi-Paul, but you'd get a headache. She didn't really feel like a character, she just felt like she was made to be blown up (she can't die unless all her copies die).
Green Ghost is kind of a cop-out. I just wanted to get away with making a simple figure.
Invincible was the first figure I made and very easy to make. Since his uniform consists of mainly goggles.
Omni-Man was the character who drew me into the series. I loved his arc and deconstruction of the character.
Next, we got Red Rush, who is my favorite Guardian of the Globe, he reminds me of a serious Flash. I didn't really like how Flash kept mouthing off. I also liked Red Rush's accent.
Finally, I made Robot, who isn't honestly a figure but I think he looks amazing.

So, thanks for reading everything. And all these figures took me 2 days to make. Have a good day and google Invincible.
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4 months ago
They are coming in The Second Invincible CMF.
4 months ago
Nice CMF for Omni-Man I would suggest to use the Doctor Strange hairpiece.
4 months ago
(i thought it said invisible cmf)
1 month ago
could you do robot with his upgraded suit.
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