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School for Magical Creatures: Chapter XIV
Published 9 months ago
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Aurora and Sam walked together through the vault that Mr. Maack assigned them. They looked around at the many gold items and treasures.

"It seems like Jerome has been taking a lot of stuff," Aurora said.
"More like stealing them," Sam said.
Aurora was silent for a few seconds and then said "Last time I saw Jerome he had been okay."
"What do you mean by 'Okay'?"
"He was normal, very similar to Maack," Aurora replied.
"Anyways..." Sam said "How much of this gold do you think is stolen?"
"All of it"

Then they heard a sound of laughter as they looked aside, and between piles of gold, Jerome stood there looking at the stone. They were both shocked to see the stone, they knew that the smartest thing to do is to call for backup, but they needed to stay quiet.
"I have a plan," Sam said, a bit loudly.
"Shhh!" Aurora shushed him.
Sam replied quietly "I will time travel and then call for backup!"
"Who is there?" Jerome interrupted.
"OK, he found us," Sam said quietly "It's now or never, distract him."
Aurora prepared for a fight and went out to Jerome. Sam disappeared into the past

It took Sam a few times to figure out where to go, he chooses to first go toward Jack's and Ferti's locations, as he ran toward them he saw them swimming in gold.
"What are you guys doing?" Sam asked angrily
"Sorry" Jack replied.
"There was no one here" Ferti explained, "So we thought we will have more fun."
"There is no time!" Sam rushed "Jack go to Aurora, she found Jerome! With the stone!"
Jack rushed outside the room.
"Ferti" Sam continued, "Go back in time, then go to Grupnog and Carystus, and then Charles, tell them to go as well! I will meet you there, I first need to get the others."
"Ok, Sam!" Ferti said and disappeared to get Grupnog and Carystus.

Sam went again back in time so then he rushed to Oliver and Lila. As he saw them fighting a dragon.
"Lila!" He screamed, "Your dad got the stone! Help Aurora and Jack!"
"OK Oliver," Lila said," Let's get this stone back!"
"Over my dead body" Rowen replied as he chased the two out of the room.

Meanwhile, Ferti went to Grupnog and Carystus. The first thing she saw was blood, Ferti grew worried, but Carystus and Grupnog fought against each other as she saw seconds later.
Carystus screamed at Grupnog "You hairy barbarian!" Which was replied to by Grupnog "You four-legged old house!".
Ferti wanted to stop time to make them stop fighting, although, she had not learned nor knew anyone who could. So she went to her best second option; she screamed at them "Jerome got the stone! You need to help Aurora!"
"Good luck getting there before me!" Carystus told grupnog and run off.

Then she quickly went to get Charles as she came, Charles was still searching for the room.
"Hi, Charles!" Ferti ran to him as Red guardian blocked her.
"It's ok!" Charles told Red Guardian and he backed away from Ferti.
"Aurora needs your help." Ferti explained, "No time to explain! Just go."

By that time Sam came to the 'school' area, searching for the last students, he went stealthy around the area trying to avoid unfamiliar faces. As he came he saw Elinor, Karmod, and Flappy in a room together.
"Sam?" Elinor looked confused.
"What are you doing here?" Flappy asked.
"We found the stone and you need to help the others!" Sam explained quickly.
"Why don't you just take it?" Karmod asked.
"Jerome is in there a week, so just go!"
Elinor just remembered something "A quick by-the-way Ivy is in another room, get her as well."

Sam rushed to get Ivy as he saw her with another student in a room. She sat there next to John.
"That is a good story," Ivy told John.
"Thanks" John replied "I am so happy you are in our class"
"I guess I am too," Ivy said.
"You know, my parents always loved me, but I left them to Jerome."
"Why would you leave your parents?" Ivy asked.
"I had a talent, I could hide my tail and look like a normal human, but I could also have super-speed, I wanted to achieve my full potential." John explained. "and now, I have a new family."
"You know, Grupnog, my friend, had reconnected with his father after a long time. Maybe you could too." Ivy told John.
"We both can have ways that we did not except."
Then Sam got in, as he saw Ivy and John kiss.
"Ivy!" Sam said.
Ivy stopped kissing John, looking surprised.
"Who is it?" John asked
"What are you doing?" Sam asked.
"This is my friend" Ivy explained to John.
"Grupnog?" John looked confused.
"Do I look like a minotaur to you?" Sam protested.
"A minotaur?" John connected the dots "You are a student of Maack!"
"We need to go, Ivy!" Sam said.
Sam held Ivy's hand and traveled with her back in time to get to Jerome.
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9 months ago
Cool! However, I do have one question: If Maack, Jerome and Aurora are siblings, then why do they look so different?
9 months ago
They were created by the same person. But each of them was created to look differently. So they are considered as sibilings
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