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03.7 - Data Guard
Published 1 month ago
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03.7 - Data Guard

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“What should we do?” Cakery asked The_An0nym. The_An0nym, sweat on his forehead, didn’t even glance at him.
“I’ll explain later,” he said, shrugging it off. Cakery walked out of the room again. Daedalus and he had been waiting for the past few hours for some action. Daedalus had learned to glide and could use his wings quite a bit, but still couldn’t fly. Cakery had helped him and used the breaks to practice his own skills. His new body was still unfamiliar to him, but he knew that if he learned how to use it, he could be an unstoppable killer machine.
“Cakery, watcha doing?” Daedalus asked through Cakery. Cakery, unprepared for this, almost chocked, but couldn’t since he wasn’t human.
“Warn me before you do that. And second of all it’s kinda weird to answer such a question,” Cakery replied.
“Why?” Daedalus asked through Cakery.
“Simple; if someone were to observe me, and didn’t see you, he’d believe I was having a conversation with myself,” Cakery said. Daedalus neighed.
“Not funny,” Cakery replied, then added,”And don’t you dare to talk to yourself through me,”
“Why? You can’t stop me,” Daedalus said through Cakery.
“I could kill you,” Cakery warned.
“And I could also kill you, and fly, and teleport,” Daedalus teased. Cakery didn’t reply.

Lax_Swag5 was in a cell again. He knew it wasn’t his original one since the tube wasn’t loose.
“So, I have caught you. Now you need to choose. Either you join the system, or one of your friends dies,” the voice replied. In front of Lax_Swag5 was standing the black armored figure.
“Alright… I’ll join the system, but on one condition: You will let my friends go,” Lax_Swag5 said.
“What did you say?” the black armored figure asked.
“I’ll join the system,” Lax_Swag5 repeated with a firmer voice.
“Good. I recorded it so that they’ll understand,” the black armored figure replied. An uneasy feeling overtook Lax_Swag5.
“Do you promise to let my friends go?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“Yes. I promise to let your friends go,” the black armored figure replied.
“Good,” Lax_Swag5 sighed.
“How would you like them to leave? As burned crisps or chopped up?” the figure asked.
“What? You promised to let them go!” Lax_Swag5 exclaimed.
“Yeah, but I didn’t promise I’d let them leave alive,” the figure replied.
“I want my friends to leave Alive, or otherwise I won’t join!” Lax_Swag5 said.
“Too late,” the black armored figure said.
“No! Don’t! If you do this I’ll come for you!” Lax_Swag5 shouted after him, but the black armored figure had already left the room and closed the door.
Safely behind the closed door the black armored figure released his tensed crossed fingers.
“You never know,” he murmered, then chuckled.

The data guard was close enough.
“Now!” SuperPup1 yelled. They both shot their first wave of rocket launchers. Just milliseconds after the rockets had left the rocket launchers they threw them away and picked the two other rocket launchers they had prepared and that were already loaded. A deafening explosion and a blinding flash almost rendered them useless. But they managed somehow to take aim again, and shot again. Ears ringing and limbs hurting of resisting the shockwave they stood up and ran. YellowFlame37 yelled something, but SuperPup1’s ears were ringing too loudly for him to hear. The second explosion thundered through the atmosphere and hurled them forward through the air. Both were able to make a quick recovery after the rough landing. The ringing intensified and SuperPup1 thought that his ears were about to burst. A headache began to pester around in his mind which hindered his thoughts. The only thing he knew was that he had to run. The building was now getting increasingly bigger and more solid.
“I think it’s dead,” YellowFlame37 yelled loudly, but SuperPup1 could barely hear him. Joints stiff, sweaty and with a headache they ran over the desert-like data world. The ringing slowly faded, but didn’t dissapeard.
“It’s coming!” YellowFlame37 shouted. SuperPup1 quickly glanced backwards. The data guard wasn’t there.
“Where?” SuperPup1 asked, and looked at YellowFlame37, but he didn’t find him. An uneasy feeling overcame him. Where is he? he thought. He was still running full speed towards the building. He was very close to reaching the entrance.
“Run!” a voice shouted behind him. Taking a quick glance behind him, SuperPup1 found himself witnessing a mere user setting up a good fight against a deadly data guard. Although it was obvious that YellowFlame37 was losing, it was still the most impressive feat he had seen. SuperPup1 ran further until he reached the building. When he entered he looked back. Both the data guard and YellowFlame37 were nowhere to be seen.
“I’m in,” SuperPup1 said through the earpiece.
“And YellowFlame37?” The_An0nym asked.
“He didn’t make it,” SuperPup1 said. There was silence.

[End of 03.7]
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1 month ago
I am liking it even though I have not read it
1 month ago
1 month ago
make another one now
1 month ago
Awesome chapter! How is YF37 so powerful?!
1 month ago
Puffin - Thanks!!

Jaze_Dragon - Thanks!! & Maybe the guard went easy on him, maybe not... XD Or maybe it was just luck!!
1 month ago
is YF37 alive?
1 month ago
@Anon: To answer the question in your bio, I’d be quite surprised that anyone remembered it form the time I put it in my bio!
1 month ago
Jaze_Dragon - Good to know
1 month ago
Justy - ... SPOLERS
1 month ago
legomaster6383 - Thanks!!
1 month ago
SebastianButton.lego - XD Thanks!!
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