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03.0 - Conflicted
Published 2 months ago
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03.0 - Conflicted

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

Heads bowed, the group silently stepped out of the tavern as The_An0nym led them to the library. It had taken him almost half an hour to convince all of them that he wasn’t evil. Most of them were now too ashamed to look him into his eyes, let alone say something to him.
“We’re here,” The_An0nym announced as they arrived at the library.
“Now we have to search for that flippin’ book,” Jaze_Dragon complained.
“I set it aside already,” The_An0nym replied, picked up a book sitting on one of the tables and placed it on the lectern housing in the middle of the library on a little stage. It didn’t take long for the familiar vibrations to kick in, much less the blinding light. Not even a second passed before the teleportation had been completed.
“Anyway, now that we have arrived, let me tell you beforehand I have brought a few more users,” The_An0nym announced.
“Seriously? Who?” Nate_Aardman asked.
“Let’s see… We have Blue_Brickster23, Mick, Guz, Logan and Zekar,” The_An0nym said.
“Why did you say Blue_Brickster23's full name and then continued with nicknames?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“Because Blue might refer to BlueFlame56 and Brickster isn’t the most popular nickname,” The_An0nym replied.
“Oh,” BlackFlame49 sighed. It didn’t take long before they found the users The_An0nym had spoken about. Although SuperPup1 was excited by the idea of meeting others, he didn’t want to do any more damage than he had already done, and needed some alone time. Mayotron9 was friendly enough to help him set up a cushion fort on top of one of the bookcases at the other end of the library for him. SuperPup1 wasn’t seen for the rest of the day. BlackFlame49 wholeheartedly greeted the other users. DuckDuckguz wasn’t exactly happy when he found out that blaster was stuck on his back. XillComics tried his best to socialize, but always avoided The_An0nym whenever he showed himself. Digital_Guy_4, not having been involved in the fight, didn’t avoid The_An0nym. Lego_Tron was mainly occupied with Blue_Brickster23 and LoganLin, who were telling him their adventures they had experienced. Lego_Tron had stayed most of the time in the library, so he didn’t really know anything about ‘the lobby’ or ‘the workshop’. Blue_Brickster23 told him how they had found each other after teleporting to ‘the lobby’ and almost got caught by a processor, when The_An0nym showed up and destroyed it, and then led them across the endless desert of ‘the lobby’, until they met the rest of the group and then The_An0nym led them here. Brickster filled in the details of their journey. When they had finished telling their adventure, they asked what Lego_Tron had experienced since arrival. He didn’t have much to tell, since he had arrived pretty late. BlackFlame49 had picked him up while randomly straying in ‘the lobby’. They found the others and discovered a portal and were trying to survive here ever since. He didn’t give them the details since it seemed a bit unnecessary, but when Blue_Brickster23 and LoganLin insisted, Lego_Tron asked BlackFlame49 for help. Nate_Aardman and Jetblade stayed close to Mick4575 and ZekarLegoWarrior while XYZextreme, ConnorLEGO and Digital_Guy_4 strayed around, taking in wisps from the different conversation and lingering at the ones that interested them the most. It took five full hours before the last group had run out of topics to talk about.
“So… Since we all got to know each other a bit better… Let me explain what we are going to do next,” The_An0nym announced. SuperPup1 had joined the group just a few moments before, but still had a few unresolved feelings about the whole situation.
“Let me make one thing clear. Your parents, or other relatives, have probably already noticed your absence, and think you’re either missing or dead. You have been missing for multiple days in the real world,” The_An0nym said, letting the word ‘death’ echo through everyone’s heads.
“My plan is to turn the system off and use its knowledge to send us back,” The_An0nym said.
“And how are we going to do that?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“I’m getting to that,” The_An0nym said.

Cakery was still alone. None of them had returned. Where are they? Cakery thought for the 100th time. Then he noticed something moving in the distance. It was a data processor, but there was something next to it that he hadn’t seen before. Curious, he approached it.

[End of 03.0]

Note: Blue_Brickster23 = BrickGuy
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2 months ago
Interesting, but anon, how do you plan to free those captured? You clearly can’t just waltz down there, I already tried that. What’s your plan? Grab a tank model from the library and try to break down the front door?
2 months ago
me needs to be with the flame of the blue!
jk jk
can't wait for the next!
2 months ago
WOW!!!!!! (I DON'T KNOW AnyTHING ABOUT THE WORKSHOP.....) But wait- You didn't say "Parts"! SO I STILL MAKE CUSTOM PARTS!!!!
2 months ago
curios means a rare, unusual, or intriguing object did you mean 'curious'? which means interested/ nosy

Great chapter
2 months ago
@Lego_Tron - if you want to know more about the workshop in this story, The_An0nym let me make a spin-off story in the workshop, so you might learn more about it, if that's OK with you, Anon.
2 months ago
BlackFlame49, Lego_Tron, Jaze_Dragon & SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!

SebastianButton.lego - Thanks for pointing that out
I'll need to correct that

Daedalus - It's okay
2 months ago
2 months ago
Uh, I know it's only been 2 days, but I'm itching to see the next chapter.
2 months ago
Daedalus - It's taking a bit longer than expected
And above that I also have another project to work on... so could you please just wait a bit more? Thanks!
2 months ago
yeah its not as easy as it seems, i'm writing the next chapter for my book "blank" right now
2 months ago
oof I'm late for class see yo an hour u in
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