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04.0 - Faded Memories
Published 3 months ago
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04.0 - Faded Memories

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

Daedalus stepped to The_An0nym, looking over the unconscious body.
“Nothing I can do here,” The_An0nym said and stood up. Daedalus neighed to get his attention. Questioning eyes stared at The_An0nym.
“I can’t help him. The guard broke him,” The_An0nym sighed. Daedalus didn’t move, and continuously stared at The_An0nym until he would give him a full explanation. The_An0nym sighed.
“Sometimes, there is a lag. In this case, the guard exceeded the limits of normal speed, and lagged Yellow. I heard of this once, and I know what it can do to someone. Right now his internal disk is damaged, but it should be able to repair itself after a while, but I’m not sure how much damage it took. Until it can repair itself, he’s put in a loop. That’s what I meant with lag. He is reliving the fight between him and the guard over and over again. This will cause a traumatic experience, since he lost, and since he is fighting it over and over again, he’ll lose over and over again. If, and only if, he wakes up, he’ll probably fear all guards,” The_An0nym explained. Daedalus tilted his head.
“We can’t help Cakery now. Neither of us is powerful enough. But we can help him escape, since, if I remember correctly, I noted his code,” The_An0nym replied. A questioning glint entered the eyes of Daedalus again.
“I noted down the code of his disk, meaning I can track and more or less read his thoughts, although it’ll take a while to decrypt it… The only problem is that I can’t remember where I put that note . Could you search for it?” The_An0nym asked. Daedalus neighed in agreement and began searching. The_An0nym continued his task, and contacted the groups, while YellowFlame37 was reliving his horrors over and over again…

“Let me out!” BlueFlame56 demanded. There was no reply.
“Let me out!!” BlueFlame56 repeated, just a bit louder.
“Should we enter?” a voice asked from outside.
“Why?” another voice asked.
“Because it’s fun,” the other voice replied.
“Fine, I’ll guard another prisoner,” the other voice replied.
“No, you need to stay here!” the first voice whined.
“Why did the system have to task you to show me around?” the second voice asked.
“Because it’s fun!” the first voice replied.
“Fine, I’ll come with you,” the voice said. The door opened. A purple armored figure came through the door.
“What now?” he asked behind him, but there was no one there.
“Where did that bastard go?” he asked and stepped outside again, but didn’t see anyone.
“Who are you?” BlueFlame56 asked.
“The system named me PurplePirah, although it sounds rather stupid,” the figure replied.
“But who are you?” BlueFlame56 asked. His mind was trying to figure out ways to immobilize him to escape.
“You seem familiar… Have I seen you before?” PurplePirah asked.
“I don’t think so,” BlueFlame56 replied, but his curiosity was rising.
“No, I definitely remember you… I–,” PurplePirah began, but collapsed mid-sentence.
“Oh well, that works too,” BlueFlame56 sighed and stepped over the unconscious body. Just as he stepped out of his cell a black figure materialized out of the thin air. Just before he was about to yell in surprise the figure punched him in the face. His world went black.
“Are you all right?” BlackBlade asked as he hung over the unconscious body of PurplePirah. There was no reaction, much less a reply.
“Flip, I broke him,” BlackBlade mumbled. I told you to take it easy, a voice echoed in his mind. The system.
“I know, but I couldn’t resist,” BlackBlade sighed. The newling wasn’t ready yet. You know that if he remembers his past he might be able to free himself from our grip, the system said.
“Yes,” BlackBlade sighed, lifted PurplePirah’s limp body from the floor and walked out of the cell. The system closed the door behind him, since he didn’t have any hands left to close it manually.
“Will he be all right?” BlackBlade asked. For now, but if you continue to toy with him he might die, the system replied.
“Okay…” BlackBlade sighed.

Cakery turned around slowly, but didn’t even finish the whole rotation before the guard hit him.
“Chillax!” Cakery exclaimed. It did the opposite, and sped up. Becoming hits from felt everywhere, uncategorizable by which one came first, Cakery began to run, although it didn’t help much. His thick armor protected him, so he didn’t need to worry about that. But the continues attacks of the guard slowly wore him down. Knowing that running wouldn’t help him he slowed down and tried to fight, but failed miserably, since he could never hit the guard.

SuperPup1 had been walking for the past few hours. He always told himself that BlackFlame49 would appear the next time he turned a corner, but it never happened, until he gave up his hope.
“Where is he?” SuperPup1 grumbled. Lost in thoughts, he turned left, and slammed into something.
“Can’t you look where you’re going?” a familiar voice asked.
“BlackFlame?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Yes,” BlackFlame49 replied.
“What took you so long?” SuperPup1 asked.
“No, what took you so long?” BlackFlame49 argued.
“Whatever. What should we do now?” SuperPup1 asked.
“I don’t know… Anon, where should we go?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“Wait a sec.” The_An0nym crackled in their ears, then went silent. It took a few minutes before he spoke again.
“Turn your GPS on. I’ll upload the path. Oh, by the way, you have the special mission to free the prisoners,” The_An0nym explained.
“Nice!” BlackFlame49 exclaimed, excited by the idea of being reunited. Little did he know what would happen…

[End of 04.0]

Note: Pirah = "Pirah or pira is a type of Philippine bolo sword or knife characterized by a heavy blade and a wide tip" ~ Wikipedia
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3 months ago
General_Veers - Maybe... Maybe not
3 months ago
I couldn't help but notice that PP's armor is different from BB's. it has a transparant coating on the visor.
3 months ago
justy - That's because the black visors are more natural than white ones, so I added a transparent coating so that you know that: 'This is some kind of weird Glass'
Because if I just left it white one might say: 'How can he see through solid material?' XD You're good at noticing these little things (or was it too obvious?)
3 months ago
Another AMAZING chapter
3 months ago
maybe im going to free the prisoners thats going to be me
3 months ago
Yikes.. poor Lax, turned into an amnesiac guard.
3 months ago
hehe, amnesia is a fun word.

it's the simple things in life that amuse me.
3 months ago
Let me outta this cage! I’ll jog his memory, and give him a few hits for thinking joining the system would be good, too!
3 months ago
SebastianButton.lego & Justy - Thanks!!
3 months ago
you used my nickname in your trademark "___ - Thanks!!" o_O
wow. I feel special.
3 months ago
justyouraveragebuilder - It's still lagging between your full name and your nickname
3 months ago
oh... okay.
*sad music plays*
*starts raining*
I'm not special. WAAAAAAAAAHH
3 months ago
Justy - Everyone is special in their own unique way
Don't forget that
3 months ago
Is this what happened to A7X?? *Goes back to rewinding a tape* *Repeats"Fossils, da, da, da."*
3 months ago
Oh and... "ABC. It's easy as 123!" Happy 123 model! *I mean 124*
3 months ago
Lego_Pride - XD Thanks!!
3 months ago
I think this is the first time my country got mentioned in a story.
3 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Thanks!!
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