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Steve Vs Darth Vader
Published 2 months ago
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So this is basically some sort of What If… which is if Steve from Minecraft and Darth Vader from Star Wars were to cross paths and have an ultimate fight. The winner of this fight would undoubtedly be… well whoever you think it would be because both are realistically strong and could defeat one and other multiple times. While Steve has the ability of placing blocks and basically creating anything from nothing, the power of the force is one that is almost incomparable. In my opinion though I think Darth Vader would win but it’s up to you to decide for yourself to see who would win. (Also this will be one of many impossible fighting scenarios which I’ll make in the future I don’t know who will be next because I made this just because I was bored. As time goes on I’ll make proper scenes which they fight in but for now it will just be the figures). Until then have a wonderfully blessed day.
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2 months ago
Um, this is unexpected and weird. But it sounds cool!
2 months ago
I thought of this as I was working on something Minecraft related yes it’s kinda weird and yes unexpected but it’s something I think we’d all like to see, a clash between two different franchises/games or movies which come together in an epic duel. I do plan to do more of these and this is just the first one. Until then though have a wonderfully blessed day.
2 months ago

(poor Steve he has no chance)
2 months ago
I mean he could always place some blocks in front of him… I think…
2 months ago
nice idea!
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