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Symbiote Soliders Chapter 1
Published 2 months ago
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12:32 A.M. 6/21/2044 NE outskirts of Argentina, Secret Hydra Base

Outside of gates 2 guards talk

Guard 1: "Hey you heard about what the other guys have been dealing with?"

Guard 2: "Yea those S.H.E.I.L.D. freaks. What are their names again?"

A voice speaks from the shadows of the trees.

Agent Venom: "Our names are Agent Venom,"

Toxin: "AND TOXIN!"

Agent Venom and Toxin jump out of the trees and knocks out the guards

Toxin: "Remind me again why we're doing this Thompson?"

Agent Venom: "Were doing this to end this stupid war between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra before it becomes World War III and ends this planet."

Toxin: "So? We relocate and find a better planet."

Agent Venom: "That might work for us cause we're basically part alien but what about the rest of the world? Also, you didn't let me finish."

Toxin: "Eh, world, smorld but, I will let you finish your sentence."

Agent Venom: "You really need help Eddie and as I was saying it seems that Hydra is playing around with symbiotes."

Toxin: "Okay it's official Hydra is mad."

Agent Venom: "That wasn't already in order?"

The scene changes, we now see them on top of one of the labs at the base

Agent Venom: "Target located. "

Agent Venom: "What do ya say to maneuver k-9 50?"

Toxin: "My favorite." (smirks)

Agent Venom riding Toxin jumps in through the roof and lands in the middle of the circular room

Agent Venom: "FREEZE SUCKERS!"

Agent Venom starts blasting everything and Toxin starts rampaging around

Head Scientist: "Wait! Please stop we will tell or give you anything!"

Agent Venom: "That won't be necessary we just need you the symbiote and everyone knocked out. Toxin cover your nose."

Agent Venom releases a knockout gas that puts everyone (except for him and Toxin) to sleep

Toxin picks up the head scientist and Agent Venom grabs the symbiote

Agent Venom: "We got what we came for let's go."

Toxin: "Need a ride?"

Agent Venom grins under his mask
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2 months ago
Fyi This is actually reuploaded
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