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Buried Treasure!
Published 2 weeks ago
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I submitted this into a LEGO Ideas contest. It didn't win or anything, but I'm proud of it! You can see it here:
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2 weeks ago
Ehhhh, front page!
1 week ago
Hi!!! I really wish this placed, I would have voted for it!!! Also it's funny to see you on mecabricks and ideas!!!
1 week ago
Well, that's certainly a big chest!
1 week ago
@ legomaster6383 thank you!
@Cakery indeed it is
@legofan752 yeah, i recognise you too! Its a small world.
1 week ago
Lol, your guess is as good as mine. I thought it had a pretty good chance, but oh well.
1 week ago
So neat! Really cool build. I love the buried coral and such!
That kid must be like
In a good way, of course. Oh my gosh, I'm jealous!

If I could offer a suggestion, maybe you should fill the back of the chest with gold, too. If you turn it, it just looks a little odd.

If I knew how to render, this would be so fun to do! (key word if..) The shine on the gold, a seascape behind, maybe a setting sun lighting up the boy's face... yeah, this is REALLY COOL.
7 days ago
yes this is cool but I think you should really fill the back of the chest witch gold, or gems...
7 days ago
thats one big buried treasure...
7 days ago
Thank you! Yeah, I need to do need to add more treasure.
And please can you looking my models please its self aderviste please please please pls pls pls
5 days ago
Kwwp, I know people have talked to you about this before. Maybe you don't care if you get in trouble, but someone could ask to have your account deleted, and then no one would be able to look at your models anyways.
I think you might be defeating your purpose by self advertising, because when users are mad at you for doing that on their models, they aren't gonna go look at your stuff just to oblige you.
If you want people to see your stuff that bad, Private Message them. It is a lot nicer and more reasonable way to ask them, and it won't be rude to other users and their models.
5 days ago
WAIT why is ther a FISH in the GROUND

great moc tho u shouldve won
4 days ago
Thanks! I guess the fish... swam down there? Idk, don't think about it!
4 days ago
The fish got washed up and buried in the sand... and fossilized...
4 days ago
4 all you peple who love happy endings:
the kid killed the fish when he dug up the gold and he was mugged and the gold was stolen
the crab stole the remaining gold
ت huppy ending
4 days ago
what a touching happy end...
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