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300 Models, 10K Views, and 500 Likes Special!!!
Published 2 years ago
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Music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DbSDbQYVFg

Ladies and gentlemen...

Welcome to a special event...

2 years in the making...

Everyone, meet j2fam77!!

Thank you very much for coming everyone! I'm thankful to God you guys could make it, because not only have I made 300+ models, but thanks to all of you, I have 500+ likes and 10K views! I have many people to thank, many for different reasons:

Lego_Lover, MOCmaster, and TheSpyderBrick - Even though I came before L_L and McM, both have been great role models on the website. Thank you, I'm honored to be on a website with you.

Dragon_Rider06, LegoWilderness, Operator011 and SnapStudio - As an avid reader, thank you for helping me fit in as I am. I still have a lot to learn from you and I appreciate your work.

Kraus and Bishop1859 - You guys are the battle experts, and you make building big stuff fun.

Greenflame24 - Thanks for being the big ray of sunshine! We can all use you around!

TheNinjaBrick, Lax_Swag5, and TheZillaKillaGorilla - Guys, you are very unique, and honestly, the ones who have stuck by me the most. Thank you!

But to get a little real everyone * signals editor to change music to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDTD24KsdGc *, I'd like to say...

I'm sorry.

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen. I haven't been the N I C E S T , and that's kinda hater of me. You are all amazing, and you deserve better from me. And now that I've made my mark as a veteran user, I wish to do better, and during 2020, you guys have truly cheered me up, and make sure me and many others have a good experience on this site. So, I hope you all see much better from me in the years to come.

And when all is said and done, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and God bless us, every one! Enjoy!

"It takes confidence to draw your sword. It takes courage to wield it."
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2 years ago
Congrats, and, thanks for including me!
2 years ago
It's okay.

Thinking back to my beginning, now I know why I haven't been a part of everybody, not a major part...
That's still ok.
2 years ago
You're welcome J2fam77! Thanks for the mention and . . . wait for it . . . *deeeeeeep breath*

2 years ago
Also nice model! It looks great and very creative!
2 years ago
Wow, congrats, j2! Now that I think about it, I've always kind of looked down on you. I'd like to accept your apology and make one of my own. I guess I always thought that you tried to do too much, and weren't realistic, especially once I deduced your age. I'm truly sorry for that and honestly, I have come to respect you as a user. Your trailers are a great example of your work. I actually think you could be a good editor for a film company someday. Anyways, keep up the good work, j2.

You are loved.
2 years ago
Yeah, I'm 12, soo...
2 years ago
I'm only a year older than you, sooooo . . . .

You're welcome!
2 years ago
I'm only a year younger than you j2fam77.
2 years ago
I'm in high school
2 years ago
Gosh, thanks for the shout out, bro!

Congratulations on your accomplishment.
2 years ago
Congrats-- *looks at DR who used a large font and feels the need to one her up, and then decides not to because J2 might not want a font war going on on his post.* As I was saying, Congrats bro! For starters, I love your stage, especially how you added the littles notes on the edges... if you can call em notes... I'm just not sure what else to call em. Oh well, forget that, they are great! Also, thanks for the shout out
Also, I didn't want to PM you because I've heard you say you don't use it... so I'll just ask you here... I am writing a sequel to my first Mecabricks story Captives Through Cyberspace, and wanted to ask a few other users if they'ed be fine if I threw em in. Are you ok if I throw you in there?

Anyways, congrats! And God bless!

Fun Fact: Just because others were doing it... I'm 5 years older than you.
2 years ago
I'd love that.
2 years ago
@j2fam You're in
. Might not come out until I finish my current story, but I'll let you know when it does
2 years ago
Dude you got more likes than models!
2 years ago
Congratulations buddy!! You deserve all these views and likes, great job!

Thanks so much for mentioning me, it means a lot! I have to say, sometimes we all get in bad moods, but that doesn't make us bad people. You've been great to everyone, j2!
2 years ago
Since it seems to be the thing to do now, I'll do it

I'm three years old than you, making me 15. I think I'm 15, but the stats don't lie. Hmm, gotta check out my birth certificate, I need to know for sure
2 years ago
Congratulations !
And Merry Christmas !!
2 years ago
LW: "Sometimes we all get in bad moods, but . . . " You ALL get in bad moods sometimes?! And I thought that my house was uncomfortable sometimes . . . . Whoosh.
2 years ago
Also, Thanks for mentioning me!
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